RF Network Technical Services for Cellular, PCS & Broadband Systems

LBA offers you a full capability to provide initial design, performance validation, and benchmarking RF services for fixed and mobile systems. Cellular, PCS, and ESMR systems are fully supported, as well as emerging wireless data systems such as 802.11 (WiFi) and MMDS. Our knowledgeable technical staff enable LBA to provide platform functionality across analog, CDMA, TDMA, GSM/GPRS and related technologies to support all your network requirements.

RF Techincal Services from LBA free you from the stress of meeting deadlines during network design, turn-on and optimization, without breaking your budget. LBA’s experienced project team and technicians are among the best in the business. Using state-of-the-art software and hardware, they produce results that meet your requirements for quality, schedule and price.

Recognizing that the focus of the wireless industry today is largely directed towards performance optimization and network quality of service, LBA highlights below our key RF services tuned to attaining those goals for your network.

Network RF Design


Network RF Design:Accommodating your network growth, LBA provides cell expansion and market growth services, as well as traditional initial network design. We plan the most cost effective deployment of new radio base stations, cell sectors, and overlay technologies. Comprehensive services include frequency planning, RF design evaluation, search ring identification, “site walks”, and full documentation packages.

Network RF Tuning:LBA accomplishes both initial RF tuning and optimization tuning of your existing networks. We generate existing network documentation and prepare cluster and drive route guidance to reflect your competitive and performance concerns. We analyze drive test results for consistency, network problems, and opportunities. Our teams provide you full reporting, documentation, and integration with your in-house resources.

Regulatory Filings: Our experienced staff can handle all the regulatory filings that go hand in hand with new sites and site modifications.  Our experience extends from FAA determinations and filings to FCC notifications and even EMP testing and verification.  Trust LBA to ensure that you are in full compliance.

AM Detuning map of San FranciscoAM Detuning: LBA understands how an AM issue can impact a network and how important it is to eliminate that issue quickly and completely.  With over 40 years of experience with AM and AM detuning LBA is one of the industry leaders in this often-misunderstood phenomenon.  We know how to solve your AM problems.  

Drive Testing and Benchmarking: Our experienced field service teams roll out to provide verification and analysis of your actual network coverage and performance, and to identify your competitive gaps and opportunities. Whether for performance testing, benchmarking, or troubleshooting, LBA drive test teams translate RF technical requirements into reliable “real world” data sets and system statistics. Our functionality covers virtually all standards platforms, individually, or in a multiple simultaneous measurement program.

Microwave Backhaul: Our RF team performs the functions you need to get up and running: Link performance design, site selection, path topographical surveys, validation testing, interference coordination/licensing, deployment management and acceptance testing.

E-911 and Location-Based Services:LBA provides program management functions for carriers and PSAP’s in the deployment of Phase Two 911 enhanced wireless systems. Our services also include field trials, calibration and coverage testing, and FCC compliance testing and certification.



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