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Technical & Consulting Services for AM, FM & TV Broadcast

Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of technical and management consulting services relating to broadcast regulatory and technical matters. Typical of our abilities are the following:

• AM frequency searches for daytime or fulltime operation
• FM and TV channel searches and allocation studies
• Studies to determine possibility of fulltime operation for daytime AM stations
RF hazards sudies and audit services
• AM, FM and TV station site surveys
• Coordination of directional antenna system design
• Coordination of multiple antenna designs for several AM, FM or TV stations using the same tower or site
• Preparation of technical exhibits to accompany clients' applications to the FCC
• Station installation project planning and supervision, including directional antenna systems
• Antenna system measurements, such as direct measurement of power, field efficiency, bandwidth, and directional antenna system full proof-of-performance surveys
• Studies in connection with translators, microwave links, etc.
• Technical evaluation of vendors' equipment proposals, for clients.• Technical appraisals of stations and facilities, for buyers or sellers
• Routine proof-of-performance tests and measurements beyond the capability of station personnel



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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.