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Industrial and Workplace RF Safety


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If you are like most heavy equipment operators, you take great pains to plan and execute a safe deployment and job operation. However, few safety plans take into account the potential of radio waves from AM broadcast towers to damage rigging and to create burn and explosion hazards at worksites distant from these stations! (More information here)


The large radio frequency energy fields developed by high power RF equipment pose RF safety concerns, as well as OSHA, FCC, and other agency requirements for worker protection. Listed below are some of the NEPA, FCC and OSHA RF compliance services  provided by LBA:

• EME site audits, evaluations and reports
• RF awareness training
• Site specific safety guidelines
• Software modeling and analysis
• Field survey and RF measurement
• Safety policy evaluation and development
• Complete exposure mitigation
• Electromagnetic shielding

LBA has years of experience auditing and mitigating RF hazards. That expertise is available to all users of high-power RF devices.


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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.