LBA CoLoSite ™ Turnkey Colocation Services

The CoLoSite™ turnkey service package includes-

Site Selection and Pre-planning
LBA documents the existing AM station operation and is involved closely with you, our client, during lease negotiations to assure that both parties accept and understand the process to be employed and the issues regarding the AM station colocation process. An LBA field engineer visits the site prior to construction to assess the operations and site conditions of the AM station, to discuss and obtain approval of plans, and to make engineering measurements.

Our A&E personnel become fully involved with your RF engineers to specify the entire system, tower loading, equipment pad, cable bridge, utility routings, and other modifications to the ground area around the tower. LBA implements and keeps all parties informed on procedures to maintain maximum AM broadcast capabilities during the installation process. Where electromagnetic shielding is advisable, we design and install the system. LBA assists both you and the AM station with OSHA safety issues, low power/off-air operation maintenance planning, and access concerns.

More About Turnkey Service

Engineering and Hardware 
LBA provides all equipment and services required for AM colocation. Key colocation hardware is manufactured by LBA. The required hardware set is usually different for single tower, non-directional AM stations than it is for multitower directional AM stations. Somewhat different implementation procedures are used as well. LBA has over 35 years of experience planning and implementing complex directional AM systems.

  • Non-directional AM stations: LBA's proprietary CoLoPole™ RF Isocoupler system is installed on the AM tower, and an antenna tuning unit is designed and installed to optimize AM transmissions from the CoLoPole™. An LBA field engineer provides technical assistance to the tower crew during the installation of the CoLoPole™. The wireless antennas and lines are installed at this time with an LBA engineer on site during this installation.
  • Directional AM stations: LBA's proprietary CoLoCoil™ AM Isocoupler is installed between your base station equipment and the transmission lines on the tower in order to isolate the AM signal and prevent modification of AM directional array parameters. A suitable number of CoLoCoil™ modules are installed for the planned coaxial lines. This system requires that no equipment need be installed on the AM tower except the wireless antennas and lines.

Post Measurements and FCC Filings 
To complete the CoLoSite™ turnkey program, an LBA engineer adjusts the AM system to normal operation and performs measurements to document that it is operating in accordance with FCC licensed parameters. The results are analyzed and included in a final client project report. LBA also completes FCC Form 302 for filing with the FCC.




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