• Frequency transparent
• Unlimited coaxial cables
• Unlimited AC/control lines
• No insertion loss
• No intermodulation
• Effective AM isolation
• Improves AM performance
• Low maintenance
• Lightning protected


Multiple antennas and future add-ons are no problem for the CoLoPole™ RF Isocoupler. Any mix of coaxial cables and power cables – add cables as you like – right up to structural capacity!

Install an LBA CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler once, then add antennas and lines at will. 

This isocoupler minimizes AM station impact – even improves AM performance! 

CoLoPole™ towers are grounded "cold" at the base for lightning and personnel protection. There are no "hot" coax lines to protect! 

LBA’s proven AM collocation solution for single tower systems, backed by over 25 years of successful operating experience worldwide!

Trouble-free wireless antenna colocation on AM broadcast antenna towers is a reality with LBA Technology’s patented CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler system. The isocoupler permits PCS, cellular, SMR, paging, microwave, and all other communications services to share AM toadd unlimited wireless antennasand coaxial cables with virtually no impact on the host AM tower, and without AM signal impact to the wireless equipment. The CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler is ideal for single AM towers and selected multi-tower directional applications. Custom LBA Technology CoLoPole™ systems even permittwo or more AM stations to share one towerwith wireless communications users!

Because the AM tower is directly grounded, no extra devices or connectors are required in the coaxial lines, eliminating communications signal compromise and maintenance problems. Even waveguides and power/control cables are easily isolated! Lightning protection is excellent.

Extensive personnel safety features are standard with the patented CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler. Insulation tested to over 10 kV RF is provided on all exposed vertical cable and interconnections within 12 feet of ground. The base interconnections are further configured to leave one side of the tower free for climbing. All insulation in the tower base area is large diameter to minimize snagging of climber gear, and cables are typically spaced four feet from the tower for climber and facility installation convenience. As a result, the tower can be worked "hot", facilitating maintenance and installation scheduling.

The CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler is based upon the acclaimed LBA Tunipole™ folded unipole technology that has been enhancing performance at hundreds of AM radio stations worldwide for over 25 years. CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler models are available to fit any size or type of tower, operating at any AM power level.

Read more about Tunipole™ Systems

Properly designed and installed, the CoLoPole™ isocoupler changes the way in which an AM tower is fed RF energy without significantly modifying the essential radiating characteristics of the AM tower. LBA Technology CoLoPole™ systems use multiple vertical cables in a special configuration to conduct the AM signal to a high point on the tower, thereby permitting the tower base to be grounded.

CoLoPole™ RF isocoupler systems are designed for long life, and only the most durable, utility-grade, components are used. Careful attention has been given to corrosion prevention at dissimilar metal joints for stable, intermod-free operation. Proprietary LBA Technology components ensure reliability and stability under a variety of environmental conditions, including hurricane winds.

Prior FCC approval is not required for CoLoPole™ installations. The AM station files FCC Form 302 after construction to report the resultant operating parameters. LBA can provide full engineering services to arrange appropriate isocoupler installation and commissioning, as well as testing services to FCC-certify proper AM operation.

AM CoLoPole™ RF Isocoupler Specifications

Short summaries of specifications pertinent to typical CoLoPole™ RF Isocoupler configurations are shown below. CoLoPoles™ are furnished in "Standard" and "Heavy-Duty" configurations. Both are constructed using utility-grade components for long life and resistance to adverse environmental conditions.  All fiberglass components are treated with anti-UV coatings. Dissimilar metal contacts are avoided to minimize intermodulation in a communications RF environment.

The configurations below are typical of a 200-foot CoLoPole™, widely used in AM colocation systems.  However, systems of any length and power rating can be supplied.  Please consult LBA for customized specifications*. 

Frequency Range 500-2500 kHz 500-2500 kHz
Power Rating 5,000 watts 25,000 watts
Impedance (adjustable*) 10-300+/-j 350 ohms 10-300+/-j 350 ohms
Lightning Protection DC ground DC ground
Windload (100 mph) 300# (135 Kg) 600# (270 Kg)
Download 500# (225 Kg) 700# (315 Kg)
Weight 125# (56 Kg) 200# (90 Kg)
Insulation Fiberglass Fiberglass/Ceramic

The configurations above are typical of a 200-foot CoLoPole™, widely used in AM colocation systems. However, systems of any length and power rating can be supplied. Please consult LBA for customized specifications*.


  *Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice. 


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