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TUP-3 MW AM Broadcast Mobile Antenna System


The major objectives faced by LBA Technology while designing the TUP-series were: to be mechanically rugged and safe; to be electrically efficient; to require under 20 man-hours to install; to be self-contained and rapidly deployable worldwide; to operate on any AM frequency, field tunable; and to have an affordable purchase cost.

LBA Technology has addressed these objectives with innovative mechanical design. The 120 foot tower provides an optimum balance between radiation efficiency, frequency coverage, and mechanical ease of transport and installation. The use of the proprietary LBA TunipoleTM folded unipole antenna design achieves significant bandwidth and efficiency improvement over series-fed towers.

The TUP-3 system is capable of transmitting efficiently at carrier frequencies from below 1000 kHz to over 1700 kHz. It is rated for power to 5000 watts, 125 percent modulated. Housed is a weatherproof cabinet, the integral tuning unit features high quality electronic components and matches the TUP-3 system to a 50 ohm transmission line. The self-supporting design of the tower also minimizes erection time and complexity.


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