static discharge system

LBA Technology, Inc. SDRG Guy Wire Static Discharge Systems are designed to drain unwanted static charges from insulated guy wires on medium wave radio frequency structures. The high resistance of the SDRG windings minimizes the impact of the discharge function upon the radio frequency operation of the host system.

SDRG dissipaters are designed to be mounted across every insulator on a guy wire, except the last insulator (or “string”) adjacent to the tower. A high resistance DC path is thus created down the entire guy wire to the grounded guy anchor. For areas experiencing severe static buildup from snow or dust, LBA recommends that all guy wires be equipped with SDRG dissipaters. In milder conditions, dissipaters on the top two levels of guy wires may be adequate.  The tower should be separately static grounded through a static choke at the base, such as the LBA SD-1 or SD-2.

SDRG dissipaters are intended to reduce the chances of destructive static flashover-induced RF arcs on guy insulators. They are not intended for lightning protection, although they will suppress induced lightning charges from nearby strikes. For maximum lightning protection of medium wave towers, we recommend LBA TuniPole® feed systems, or StrikeMaster® emission discharge systems.

If tower guy systems utilize long-path ceramic insulators, fiberglass strains, or insulators greater than 5” (125 mm) diameter, consult LBA for dissipater selection.

These high quality SDRG units are fabricated of aluminum, heavy duty structural polycarbonate, and non-corrosive metal fittings. Resistance elements are completely coated with a ceramic system for maximum environmental protection, flashover protection, and resistance to installation handling. An adjustable lightning gap is incorporated, with a nominal breakdown of 20 KV.

SDRG static dissipaters mount directly over typical “egg” type ceramic insulators, attaching to the guy strand. Installation costs are minimized as the attachment fittings for guy mounted SDRG units require only simple hand tools. Coupled with the light weight of typical SDRG units, “bosun’s chair” installation without complex rigging is practical.

Typical specifications are set out below. Specifications are subject to change. For custom configurations and tandem installations, consult LBA Technology, Inc.




Resistance (nominal ohms)  100,000

SDRG-12A Recommended frequency range (kHz)


Power dissipation rating (watts)


Insulation RF flashover (volts)


Capacitance @1 MHz(typical pf)



 27" (686 mm)

Weight (with typical hardware)

 5 lb (2.3 kg)

When ordering specify guy size, spanned insutlator size, and type.

Custom & special units, contact LBA before ordering.


*Specials available upon request




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