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The COMM-connect 3024 RF Power Monitor can control up to 8 external RF Measuring heads. The high dynamic range with external couplers and RF measuring heads cover from 1W to 1MW. The Power conversion algorithms handles multi carrier, multi mode, peak, average and RMS signals. The power readout is auto scaled and VSWR can be calculated between any probes. Also the measured and calculated results along with alarms can be shown in the local LCD. The instrument has SNMP support to allow network management. The instrument can be configured for VSWR and Power limits to give alarms. The alarms can be configured to operate relay drivers or isolated Optcouplers. The alarms can also be configured as SNMP traps sending relevant information to the network control center. The COMM-connect 3024 WEB enabled RF Power Monitor gives an unlimited number of application to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.

Capabilities: Benefits:
• Measure forward and reflected power
• Measure RMS power correct
• Calculate VSWR
• Local display of power and VSWR
• WEB display of power, VSWR and alarms
• SNMP enabled with traps
• High accuracy at a competitive price
• Early warning on combiner, cable and antenna failures     
• Control of external equipment by relay out

• Fast and cost effective site control
• Simple online configuration
• Designed for full RF network control
• Online WEB with clear graphic display


3024 Software

Comm-connect 3024 RF Power Monitor
Comm-connect 3024 RF Power Monitor Software

The 3024 can use the same probes as is predecessor 3014

Useable probes are 3015 UHF (470 - 860MHz) 3016 VHF (50 - 250MHz) and the new 3020 Directional Coupler with built in probes, this comes I three different frequency ranges (380 - 420 MHz) (470 - 860MHz) (800 - 2200MHz) the power handling of the 3020 unit is maximum 1kW.

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Most Government and International Cards Accepted


Antenna & Cable Analyzers

50 kHz-4400 MHz

30-2700 MHz
SWR TRUE #3013

RF Power Meter
30-1000 MHz
PMR #3030 EXT

Impedance / Network Analyzers

0.03-300MHz 1 & 2 Port

Modular RF Power Monitor

4 CH, 0.5-2700 MHz




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