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MW Triplexer

Diplexers, Triplexers, Multiplexers100 kW triplexer for Radio Mil, Mexico CityAM Multiplexer

LBA Technology custom engineered diplexers,
triplexers, and multiplexers provide broadcast
ers the ability to transmit two or three different AM signals for one series-fed antenna.

Diplexers include an antenna tuning unit and rejection filter section for each frequency.  Triplexers include an antenna tuning unit for each frequency and two rejection filter sections for each frequency. 

Traditionally, these systems are fabricated in a single, multi-compartment cabinet. Each system is designed for the specific frequencies, transmitter output powers and antenna base impedance. Consult the factory of local LBA Technology representative for more information.

See also: Combipoles

Transmitter Combiners

Transmitter CombinerPermitting the operation of two or more same frequency transmitters at the same time, these combiners allow broadcasters to achieve increased power and fail-safe operation.

"I'd like to tell you how pleased we were with your diplexer for WJTI 1460.  It arrived yesterday, we took it to the transmitter site and decided to place it in the position of the existing T network. We came back later and installed it, and everyone noted how well the box was constructed.  John, the station owner, said it was all pre-tuned, and so we tried it, even though we didn't bring along an impedance bridge, and it worked great!  Both transmitters displayed no indications of the other being there..."

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