InstructorDr. Chris Horne, PE
TypeOnline Course
Duration1 hour (typical)
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High Quality OSHA RF Safety Training Online for Your Workers on
Their Schedule, Wherever They Are!

Our comprehensive RF Awareness Certification online courses are designed for all industries with employees exposed to radio frequency energy. This training is relevant to construction trades and personnel that encounter RF on wireless towers, rooftops and other workplaces. Courses are available in English and Spanish. Available in English and Spanish. 

Workers are trained in as little as one hour. TRAINING IS OSHA COMPLIANT.

You are liable for fines if RF site workers are untrained when OSHA visits. Worse, many carriers and turf contractors will not permit your crews on site without current RF awareness training certification!

Don’t wait another day, sign up your employees now & train 24/7.  On Registration, specify your choice of:  RF1002: Tower Worker RF Awareness or RF 1003: Roof-Top Worker RF Awareness

RF Safety online training for companies

•Unused courses maybe transferred within 15 days of payment. Refunds not available. 

Most government and international credit cards accepted.

The OSHA RF AWARENESS training online course is oriented to wireless industry and rooftop workers. However, it is relevant to all trades and types of personnel that may encounter radio frequency exposure in the workplace. Canada Safety Code 6 RF Safety Training is also available.

On successful completion of the selected RF training course content and exam, each worker gets a personal Certificate of Completion valid for one year. CERTIFICATION MAY BE COMPLETED IN AS LITTLE AS ONE HOUR.

With our system, you can purchase any number of log-ins, based on the number of personnel you wish to train. Each person is given individual web access to the system. Training availability is 24/7 through a computer and internet connection.

This course is not a video. It is a full featured interactive professional learning experience on radio frequency safety. Pre-tests and content recycling at the end of course sections ensure mastery and retention even for personnel unfamiliar with the RF environment. Course completion enables a comprehensive RF Awareness test.

On successful completion of the test, a personalized printable certificate is automatically generated. Student completion is also reported to your designated manager.

LBA University® has created the OSHA RF Awareness training courses to provide a high quality learning experience. The course director is Chris Horne, PhD, P.E. who has many years of RF and wireless industry experience. He is Chief Technical Consultant of the LBA Group, which has provided RF services to the industry since 1963.

Your low group rate (5 or more) is only $110 per person for this professional level training. An individual rate of $129 is available for fewer than five enrollees.

On enrollment, you may select the “General Wireless Worker“, “Rooftop Worker“, or “Canada Safety Code 6″ course to suit your work environment. RF training courses in Spanish are also available online.

Your RF exposed workers must be trained in 
awareness to meet OSHA requirements!



LBA RF Awareness Training online is not just for communications engineers and technicians.  In our increasingly complex RF world of cell towers, rooftop antennas, in-building antennas and other sources of RF energy, RF Safety Training is essential to any worker who might be engaged in activities near antennas!

LBA provides you fully compliant certified RF/ EME training.  Our training is tailored to your needs and is given to any number of workers.  Onsite specialized training is available.

Who Needs RF Safety Training?

General Wireless Worker Course:
• Tower workers

• Cellular Technicians
• Cell site maintenance crews

 Rooftop Worker Course:
• Roofers – Painters – Window washers

• Building engineers
• Air conditioning mechanics
• Firefighters & public safety personnel

What does the RF Safety Training Course Cover?
• The biological effects of RF energy
• Ionizing versus non-ionizing EME awareness
• The FCC’s Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) standards
• OSHA and industry RF Compliance
• Documentation of compliance
• Methods of achieving compliance
• Roofview™ and TowerCalc™ software description and application
• Periodic review and site modification requirements
• RF Personal Monitor Use

What are the course takeaways?
• Certificate of completion
• Course available for review
• Examination record to employer
• Record of annual refresher training
• Awareness of your RF environment
• Knowledge for self protection from RF

LBA’s course experts make certain that your safety training meets both your worker environment and safety plan objectives.  LBA’s iNARTE-certified RF engineers review all class and test materials!

Your company gets a record of training performance to add to employee and OSHA compliant files.

Who Uses LBA Safety Services?
• Sprint Telecommunications
• US Air Force
• Verizon
• Chicago Board of Education
• Fiberbond
• Baran Telecom
• Occidental Petroleum
• Front Range Wireless
…and many more

•Unused courses maybe transferred within 15 days of payment. Refunds not available. 

Most government and international credit cards accepted.