Outdoor Hazards Safety Awareness – OH1001

InstructorDr. Chris Horne, PE
TypeOnline Course
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How to avoid outdoor hazards for workers
Comprehensive OSHA Outdoor Hazard Training for Your
Workers on Their Schedule, Wherever They Are!

This OSHA Outdoor Hazard Awareness Training course is oriented to wireless and construction industry workers. However, it is relevant to all trades and types of personnel that may encounter outdoor workplace hazards.

Your low group rate (5 or more) is only $59 per person!

Workers certified in as little as one hour.

Who Needs Outdoor Hazard Safety Training?

• Tower workers
• Public safety personnel
• Field engineers
• Site acquisition agents
• Cell site maintenance crews
• Site construction workers
• Building engineers
• Air conditioning mechanics
• Utility workers, and more…

OSHA Outdoor Hazard Awareness Training is essential to your workers who spend time in an outdoor environment!

Tower and wireless industry workers have unique outside safety exposures which are specifically dealt with in this LBAU training. Similar extreme exposure safety training needs are shared by other construction trades and first responders, for whom this course is one of the few available…

LBA University outdoor safety training is not just for tower workers. OSHA Outdoor Hazard Awareness Training is an on-line course designed to familiarize all outdoor workers with a basic knowledge of human exposure to seven major outdoor hazards. This course highlights CDC guidelines, OSHA regulations, and industry standards set forth by various agencies addressing outdoor hazards. The hazards illustrated within this presentation are typical of those encountered in North America. However, similar hazards are present worldwide.

Individuals taking this course will gain a better understanding of how to work within an outdoor environment and reduce their exposure. Hence, this course is designed to create an awareness of the hazards that exist within that environment, and the steps which may be taken to reduce these known risks.

LBAU provides you OSHA-compliant certificatedOutdoor Hazard Awareness Training. Our group training provides a management tracking interface, is easy for employees to take on your schedule, and economical. Your company gets a record of training performance to add to employee and OSHA compliant files. On-site specialized training is also available for any number of workers.

What’s In the Outdoor Awareness Course?

Module 1 – Heat Stress
Module 2 – Cold Stress
Module 3 – UV Radiation
Module 4 – Insects & Scorpions
Module 5 – Venomous Snakes & Spiders
Module 6 – Poisonous Plants
Module 7 – West Nile Virus, Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases


What are My Workers Takeaways?

• Awareness of outdoor work hazards
• Self-protection from outdoor hazards
• Personal Certificate of Completion
• Examination record to employer
• Record of refresher training
• On-line course remains available for review


Job safety hazards to outdoor workers abound. While working outdoors is often taken for granted, OSHA has recently increased its emphasis on outdoor work safety and training. To address those concerns, LBA University® has developed a convenient and comprehensive online outdoor worker awareness learning tool.

Preview Outdoor Hazards Safety Awareness Online Training below:


No need to have workers take separate courses on every outdoor hazard. LBA has bundled training on the seven major outdoor hazards into one convenient course. You save money, record keeping, and worker time!

Outdoor Hazard Training

On his successful completion of the course content and exam, each worker gets a personal Certificate of Completion valid for one year. Certification may be completed in as little as two hours!

With our system, you can purchase any number of log-ins, based on the number of personnel you wish to train. Each person is given individual web access to the system. Training availability is 24/7 through a computer and internet connection.
This course is a full featured interactive professional learning experience. Students can log on and off anytime and proceed at their convenience. If they do not finish it in one sitting, they can log back on and pick up where they left off within 30 days. Instructor access is available by email.

Pre-tests and content recycling at the end of course sections ensure mastery and retention even for personnel unfamiliar with the RF environment. Course completion enables one to take a comprehensive Outdoor Hazard Awareness test.
On successful completion of the test, a personalized printable certificate (also e-mail accessible) is automatically generated. Student completion is also reported to your designated manager.

Course Administrator & Sign Up

Your course administrator can purchase any number of log-ins, based on the number of personnel you wish to train. Your administrator has access to reporting of student performance and certification status. Each student is given individual web access to the system. Training availability is 24/7 through internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone; providing the administrator flexibility in scheduling the worker’s training time. Certification often may be completed in less than one hour!

Your low group rate is just $59 per person for this professional level training. An individual rate of $69 is available for fewer than five enrollees.



OSHA requires your Outdoor Hazard-exposed workers to be trained to
be aware and able to cope with these workplace hazards!

•Refunds not available. Unused courses may be transferred within 15 days of payment.