Cold Weather Safety Training – CW1004

InstructorDr. Chris Horne, PE
TypeOnline Course
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Comprehensive OSHA Cold Exposure Hazard Training
for Your Workers on Their Schedule, Wherever They Are!

Your low group rate (5 or more) is only $39 per person!

The LBA University® Cold Exposure Safety course is OSHA compliant and covers cold stress and the various hazards unique to working in cold and often freezing conditions. Each season brings with it different challenges and cold weather can present some of the most serious hazards. This training is relevant to all trades and types of personnel that may encounter indoor or outdoor cold exposure workplace hazards.

Cold is an extreme we deal with especially when working in the outdoors, but it can be experienced inside warehouses and other places that lack climate control. Cold stress is a possibility in a number of situations. The LBA University® Cold Weather Safety course teaches understanding of the effects and the ability to recognize the symptoms. This gives workers the ability to intervene in helping others and themselves.

OSHA has recently increased its emphasis on cold exposure safety and training. This course highlights OSHA regulations, CDC guidelines, and industry standards addressing Cold Weather Hazards. How is a person suffering from hypothermia warmed? How should workers dress to maximize protection in cold weather? What are key slip and fall hazards? These are just some of the issues addressed in the LBA University® Cold Weather Safety course.

On successful completion of the course content and exam, each worker gets a personal Certificate of Completion valid for one year. Certification may be completed in less than one hour!

With our system, you can purchase any number of log-ins, based on the number of personnel you wish to train. Each person is given individual web access to the system. Training availability is 24/7 through a computer and internet connection.

Full Featured On Line Training

This course is a full featured interactive professional learning experience. Students can log on and off anytime and proceed at their convenience. If they do not finish it in one sitting, they can log back on and pick up where they left off within 30 days. Instructor access is available by email.

Course completion enables one to take a comprehensive Cold Weather Exposure Certificate test.

On successful completion of the test, a personalized printable certificate (also e-mail accessible) is automatically generated. Student completion is also reported to the designated manager.

LBA University® has created the OSHA Cold Weather Safety Training course to provide a high quality learning experience. The course content is supported by the skilled LBA University® training staff. Bryan Dixon is course director. He is an OSHA-certified safety instructor with two decades of industrial, construction and fire safety training experience.

Your low group rate is just $39 per person for this professional level training. An individual rate of $49 is available for fewer than five enrollees.

Who Needs Cold Exposure Training?

• Tower workers
• Field engineers
• Site acquisition agents
• Cell site maintenance crews
• Site construction workers
• Building engineers
• Warehouse workers
• Air conditioning mechanics
• Generator mechanics, and more…

LBA University® OSHA-compliant Cold Exposure Awareness Training is essential to any worker who spends time in an outdoor or indoor cold environment!

While the hazards illustrated within this presentation are based on those documented in North America, similar cold exposure hazards are present worldwide. Course completion will benefit any workers dealing with cold conditions.

Individuals taking this course will gain a better understanding of how to work within a cold environment and reduce their exposure.
This course is designed to create an awareness of the hazards from cold in a number of environments and the steps that can be taken to reduce known risks. The Cold Exposure Safety course is packed full of information that helps create awareness of the hazards that are often overlooked. Through the introduction or refreshing of this information, everyone who takes the course is better prepared to eliminate or prevent the encounter with Cold Weather Hazards.

LBA University® online training is tailored to employer needs, easy to take on the employee’s schedule, and economical. Your company gets a record of training performance to add to employee and OSHA compliance files.

We will work with safety managers to create onsite specialized training for any number of workers, train-the-trainer programs, and subject area safety plans.

What Does the Comprehensive Course Cover?

Cold hazard identification Recognizing cold stress
• Hypothermia
• Cold water immersion
• Frostbite
• Trench foot
• Chilblains

How to treat cold stress and injuries
How to select clothing and dress for the cold
How to avoid slips and falls and much more…

What are the Course Takeaways?

Cold exposure work hazard awareness
Cold stress stage recognition
Best practices for cold hazard self-protection
Proper cold stress responses and first aid
Understanding of cold weather clothing selection and use
Best practices for slip and fall prevention
Personal certificate of course completion
Examination record to employer
Record of annual refresher training
Course remains available for review and reference

•Refunds not available. Unused courses may be transferred within 15 days of payment.

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