AM Protection Training & Detuning Compliance – ADC1005

InstructorDr. Chris Horne, PE
TypeOnline Course
Duration1 hour
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detuning for AM towers

What Is AM Protection?
AM protection, AM compliance, AM studies and AM detuning compliance are terms often used interchangeably. They refer to FCC regulations that require tower owners and tenants to ensure that their facilities do not significantly alter the operation and coverage of AM broadcast stations.

AM antennas radiate a signal that can be reflected by cell (and other) towers, causing possible interference to other AM stations, diminished coverage, and even operational irregularity. These effects can violate FCC license provisions of the AM station, and put tower owners and tenants in FCC violation.

Who Needs AM Detuning Compliance Training?

AM compliance training is important for RF engineers, cell site designers and administrators, and those who work on or around towers.

AM detuning often involves physical attachments to cell towers. Unintended disturbance by untrained personnel can lead to expensive rework, federal violations, and even RF safety exposure.

AM towers are also being utilized as hosts for wireless antennas. These AM collocations have related compliance and safety concerns which are addressed in the training.

How Does LBA University AM Protection Training Work?

Our AM Protection Training course is designed to familiarize students with the regulatory and practical aspects of AM compliance. This course highlights FCC-mandated guidelines and regulations, and industry standards for site placement, hardware and verification procedures, and safe work practices around detuned towers.

What Are My Company’s Benefits?

LBA University provides your company FCC-compliant AM protection worker training to facilitate safe and compliant tower operations. Your company gets a record of individual training performance to add to employee and compliance files. Each worker satisfactorily completing the course gets a personal Certificate of Completion.

LBAU online training is easy to fit to your employee’s schedule, fast, and economical. Onsite and specialized training tailored to your needs is also available for any number of workers. 

What Does AM Detuning Compliance Training Cost?

Your low group rate is just $69 per person for professional level on-line training. An individual rate of $79 is available for fewer than five enrollees.

What’s In the AM Compliance Course?

Module 1
Why AM studies are needed.

Module 2
Is FCC compliance action needed?

Module 3
Methods for achieving compliance

Module 4
Considerations for working around detuned towers

Module 5
Considerations for working around AM collocation sites

Module 6
NEC MOM modeling options

What Are The Course Takeaways?
• Understanding of AM/wireless interaction
• Self-protection from AM RF hazards
• Personal Certificate of Completion
• Examination record to employer
• Record of refresher training
• On-line course remains available for review

LBA University has created the AM Protection training course to provide a high quality learning experience. The course content is supported by the skilled LBA University training staff. Dr. Chris Horne, P.E. is course director. He is Chief Technical Officer of the LBA Group and has decades of experience with AM broadcast, FCC compliance, and RF safety matters…

All LBAU on-line courses are designed as full-featured interactive professional learning experiences. Students can log on and off anytime and proceed at their convenience. If they do not finish it in one sitting, they can log back on and pick up where they left off within 30 days. To help the student with content clarification or understanding, LBA University course instructor access is available by email.

Pre-tests and content recycling at the end of course modules ensure mastery and retention even for personnel unfamiliar with the AM protection environment. Course completion enables the student to take a comprehensive AM Protection Training test.

On successful completion of course content and exam, each student is awarded a personal Certificate of Completion valid for one year. This printable certificate (also e-mail accessible) is automatically generated. Student completion is also reported to the designated administrator.

Course Administrator & Sign Up

Your course administrator can purchase any number of log-ins, based on the number of personnel you wish to train. Your administrator has access to reporting of student performance and certification status. Each student is given individual web access to the system. Training availability is 24/7 through internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone; providing the administrator flexibility in scheduling the worker’s training time.Certification often may be completed in less than one hour!

Your low group rate is just $139 per person for this professional level training. An individual rate of $129 is available for fewer than five enrollees.

•Refunds not available. Unused courses may be transferred within 15 days of payment.

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