Dr. Chris Horne, PE


Dr. Chris Horne, PE
Chief Technical Consultant
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LocationGreenville, NC


Chris provides business and engineering expertise to LBA sales/proposal initiatives in the wireless and international communications industries. Chris supports LBA customer collaboration to implement wireless RF network, and safety solutions. Dr. Horne has expertise in DAS and small cell design and integration, MW engineering, FCC compliance and RF Risk Management. He has held several management positions in the wireless industry where he has been responsible for network and equipment design, tower deployment and spectrum coordination. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Minnesota, an adjunct teaching instructor, a member of the IEEE, Radio Club of America, and the AFCCE. His personal interests include business-driven technology, wireless sensor networks, and unification of light and microwave electromagnetic phenomena. Dr. Horne holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from East Carolina University.