Dr. Chris Horne and Albert Blanco attend the NATE – AGL Washington, DC wireless symposium

Albert Blanco & Dr. Chris Horne attend the NATE – AGL Washington, DC wireless symposium

LBA Group Inc. executives traveled to Washington, DC June 18 and 19 to interact with top wireless industry experts and take part in discussions and forums surrounding the continued demand for more wireless infrastructure and the challenges surrounding the seemingly endless appetite for mobile connectivity. LBA Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Chris Horne, P.E., who was recently named to the list of Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts by Todays Wireless World Magazine, was joined by LBA’s International Development Specialist Alberto Blanco. They were among several hundred technology professionals who attended the AGL Conference Series and NATE Tower Business Symposium at the National Harbor’s Gaylord Convention Center in the Nation’s Capital.

After a busy social and networking day on June 18, Horne and Blanco attended a number of sessions and forums. Some of these educational opportunities focused on the business side of the wireless industry while others delved deep into the technical side of the industry with discussions about some of the key challenges and trends.

One panel discussion focused on the future of the telecommunications industry and just how long the current growth trend might last. Strengths and weaknesses within the industry were also considered. Connie Durcsak, CEO from the Utilities Telecommunications Council (UTC) said there is still a strong need for improved wireless coverage in rural areas. Durcsak referenced UTC’s Utilisite Council, a collaborative effort to support utilities in their efforts to maximize cell site colocation opportunities.

Another session titled A Wireless World in the Enterprise Space explored how commercial buildings that are strategic to the carriers represent a new market for systems integrators. The tremendous demand for meeting indoor data consumption was a main overall topic at the conference.

A panelist in one discussion mentioned how a carrier rolled out a $ 1.8 billion capital expenditure in a network capacity upgrade that was projected to handle current and future demand for 48 months only to see it fully utilized within just 18 months. It was alleged in one panel discussion that 50 percent of the planned capital expenditures of wireless carriers is focused on non-macro sites such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells, which could include both indoor and outdoor applications.

The conference reinforced a lot of what industry executives like LBA’s Horne and Blanco already knew regarding the explosive demand for wireless infrastructure development. The details about exactly what kind of infrastructure is going to get the job done and how to meet the specific needs of this ever changing, ever growing technology market were key takeaways, according to both Horne and Blanco.

LBA is comprised of three business units; Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., LBA Technology, Inc., and LBA University, Inc. LBA provides a broad range of technical consulting and support services to the wireless telecommunications and broadcast industries. For over 50 years the company has delivering innovative solutions on the critical wireless issues of colocation, RF compatibility, compliance and radio frequency safety.

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