Windmills have a record of creating havoc with the electromagnetic environment, particularly microwave, SCADA, and cell phone communications. We don’t often see the results of the mechanics gone awry, or of runaway rotors from electromagnetic interference to control systems!

Here are some photos of what happens when transmission failures occur in windmills.
If You See One of These Starting to Smoke…..   RUN!!!!

LBA provides solutions to electromagnetic environmental effects of radio systems, control systems, and RF health. We have provided investigation of RF path effects, lightning protection, and wireless control links in the wind power environment. Please contact Mike Britner at to discuss your requirements.

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LBA Group, Inc. has 60 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets.The group is comprised of LBA Technology, a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates and LBA University, providing on-site and online professional training.The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.

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