What is 5G? When will 5G be out? What is the difference in 5G? What does 5G mean?

Week two of our weekly Twitter chat – #TowerTalk took place on July 2nd. Every Wednesday at 11am EDT, LBA meets with Inside Towers, Ericsson, NATE,  and several other experts [via Twitter] to discuss a topic related to the tower industry.

This week's topic: "What does 5G Mean to you?"

5G – #TowerTalk Key Questions & Talking Points 

What Does 5G Mean?

"5G represents an evolution in the user experience and enables new applications for consumers and industry"

"5G adaptive networks; more Small Cells & a need for robust RF​"

Do Networks need to make mobile
broadband cheaper, more accessible & more consistent?

"As we get closer to 5G becoming a reality, it is paramount that we continue to develop qualified contractors"

"The tech isn't worth it if workers are getting injured to get it up and running!"

We agree! But that hasn't seemed to be the case in the past. Things are changing though!

"The new PCIA training initiative (VSU) is another step forward"​

"Some of the Wireless Industry Safety Task Force skills-based training initiatives will he helpful as well"​

Will this new technology call for an increase in tall towers, small cells, or both?

YES "More of all-especially small cells and in-building solutions

Even more robust RF link will be necessary."​

5G is likely to have more antennas. Do you think it will require more tower training?

YES "The work continues to become more sophisticated. High quality training will be essential."

"Also potential tower upgrades/renovations depending on weight & configuration​"

"5G will require even higher capacity & throughput, likely requiring more spectrum sharing."​

How soon do  you think 5G will be Deployed? 

By 2020? "Now that Ericsson has done it, the race is on... could see it sooner."

"I think it might still be a while until we see 5G. There's still a long way to go!"​

"2020 is expected as the year for 5G to launch. Don't know that we can expect before that."​

"It will be interesting to see trial results from South East Asian operators in the next 2 years"​

"It's been reported that Europe and South Korea will develop 5G together."​

"Lets not forget handset development triggers 5G wireless expansion"​

"5G won't launch like 4G. It will be progressive redistribution of capacity. Steady deploy of small cells, migration to SDN, SON interference mitigation...

That said, who knows when the marketing groups will start claiming 5G. :)"​

More systematic/strategic this time around?​ "That's the thought. 4G's LTE will still be heart of 5G. 5G will just be a series of additions and upgrades. But no less dramatic."

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