us-forest-serviceLBA SafeOne® personal RF monitors are helping to keep USFS rangers, technicians, and firefighters safe in national forests across the US.

LBA RF safety monitors are on duty as USFS personnel access many remote radio communications sites on both routine and emergency duties. Forest service communications sites have transmitters ranging from milliwatts to megawatts, so safety monitoring is essential as personnel access these locations.

Featuring long battery life, light weight, simple to operate, and rugged construction suited to a firefighter’s harness or rangers belt, the SafeOne® personal RF monitors can reliably go anywhere in the forest environment. The low cost is budget friendly, and government procurement is as easy as a credit card.

For more information, contact Betty Perez.

RF personal alarms keep USFS personnel safe around high power radio sites like this.
RF personal alarms keep USFS personnel safe around high power radio sites like this.
SafeOne Personal RF Monitor
SafeOne Personal RF Monitor



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