New MSK-200 TV Signal Analyzer with Many New Added Features!
New and improved MSK-200 Analyzers have arrived!
(LBA Sales Executive Paulo Fernandes)

Since LBA introduced the Kathrein MSK-200 TV Signal Analyzer to the Americas last year, it has been enthusiastically welcomed by TV engineers. As an economical portable or fixed 6 ‘n 1 digital signal test solution it was without compare. And we have had extensive wish list feedback.

Now the German engineering wizards at Kathrein have added a whole galaxy of new features, as you requested, shipping immediately – Same old price!

• ATSC/8VSB analysis for new USA DTV signal standards
• MPEG-4 decoding and transport stream information
• Dolby AC-3 audio decoding/demodulation
• SMPTE-310 HD video analysis
• Automatic loop testing
• DVB-S2 satellite standard analysis capability
• Automatic channel scanning
• MER/BER/Signal-to-Noise automatic measurements
• And more…..

Here is an overview of the major new features and how they will make your engineering life easier. Please contact the LBA Helpline or your authorized dealer to order or for more information.

ATSC/8VSB Decoding:
The MSK-200 has recently been updated to support and analyze the new USA DTV ATSC signal standard as well as measure and analyze 8VSB sideband modulation in real time.  Broadcasters and Cable operators can now diagnose and repair issues in multi-path transmission.  In addition, the MSK-200 can scan and find transport stream information for this new standard and allow broadcasters to find issues in PID, PMT-PID, PCR, CA and elementary stream ID’s as well as decode video images and demodulate audio including Dolby AC-3.  This is essential for installing, maintaining and repairing our new DTV signal standards.

MPEG-4 Decoding and Viewing:
The MSK-200 has always supported MPEG-2 streams. Now it does MPEG-4 decoding! MPEG-4 is especially important as it is used for compressing different formats (audio/video/speech).  Key features of MPEG-4 are improved coding efficiency, robust transmission, enhanced bit rate usage and compressed services.  MPEG-4 is also playing a large role in new HD technologies such as blue-ray.  Now the MSK-200 can decode and view video and audio for picture and audio quality analysis.

Dolby AC-3 Audio Demodulation:
New digital audio formats can now be demodulated and listened to while viewing the image. The MSK-200 becomes a major aid in real-time transmission quality control.  The AC-3 audio format is prominent on HD TV and MPEG-4.

SMPTE-310 HD Analysis:
The MSK-200 now allows viewing and analysis of transport streams using SMPTE-310 for HD video.  It can display video and decode audio to measure HD streams and signals and provide transport stream information.

Automatic CATV Loop Testing:
This new feature will help Cable engineers to measure ingress from headend to subscriber for signal quality issues.  CATV systems need to test nodes for proper distribution of signals to customers and loop testing will allow for these measurements to be made and ensure functionality from headend to customer and provide RF information.

DVB-S2 Satellite Standard Monitoring:
The MSK-200 now supports the new generation of the older DVB-S broadcast standard for high definition via satellite.  This is especially helpful in transmitting HDTV satellite news gathering content back to the station.  When compression is added, DVB-S2 allows for MPEG-4 services to be delivered.  DVB-S2 performs about 30% better than the previous DVB-S standard.  Now you can analyze and monitor these streams in real time.

Automatic Channel Scanning:
Automatic channel scanning enhances a user’s ability to customize their own channel plan in the MSK-200 for quick access to each carrier, channel and frequency of interest.  Users can program modulation symbol rates, frequencies, associated channels, satellites and transponders, so each can be accessed quickly eliminating the need for repetitive manual parameter entry. This is a real time saver- even better, you can download and select multiple channel programs!

MER/BER/Signal-to-Noise Automatic Measurements:
Now signal quality measurements are automatically displayed during measurements to show MER, BER Pre and Post Viterbi and Signal-to-Noise levels.  This allows for users to monitor essential quality levels while making using most measurements in the MSK-200.

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LBA Group, Inc. has 60 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets. The group is comprised of LBA Technology, a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates and LBA University, providing on-site and online professional training. The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.

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