(NEW UPDATE: MARCH 10, 2016) The fieldSENSE ProHD™ has been replaced by the multi-featured fieldSENSE 2.0™ for just $599 with FREE US shipping. Our SafeOne® PRO continues to be widely popular among users. New information has been added in the blog. You have a choice of RF Safety monitors!

LBA Technology has supplied hundreds of original SafeOne® RF monitors to the tower and communications industry. After refining this popular personal RF monitor, the rugged workhorse is available again in the form of a much improved model. LBA worked hard with its fabricators at COMM-Connect to improve what is now available as the LBA SafeOne® PRO – still at it original low price of $695!

The SafeOne® PRO joins the fieldSENSE ProHD™, (Now fieldSENSE 2.0) in the LBA lineup of economical RF safety monitors. With RF safety such a critical issue, LBA is proud to offer a choice of these two units at a price that’s so affordable that everyone on a team that could be at risk for RF exposure can have one.  This is a much more reliable option compared to each person being forced to share one expensive RF monitor or a company having to invest in units costing three or four times as much as a SafeOne® PRO or fieldSENSE ProHD™.

The fieldSENSE ProHD™ is an excellent and cost effective RF personal alarm choice for tower crews and others who specialize in cellular site installations (Now the fieldSENSE 2.0™ offers 50 – 6000 MHz coverage!). SafeOne®PRO is another option for those who also work around other systems like FM, TV, low band communications, and even radar. It offers a wide frequency alarm band. The SafeOne® PRO also shows both general public and occupational MPE exposures, useful for those monitoring both controlled and uncontrolled RF exposures

LBA now offers a choice in personal RF monitors:

One key improvement to the new SafeOne® PRO is its extended battery life using regular alkaline batteries. The unit also includes a handy battery life indicator meter. Two AAA batteries can operate the SafeOne PRO® for more than 250 days.

The SafeOne® Pro is the size of a cell phone and weighs less than 3 ounces. LBA provides a heavy duty nylon protective case with a loop that can easily fit on any belt, but is also designed for tower climbers to attach to their climbing belt.  LBA adapted the SafeOne® PRO to sustain the rigors of tower climbing.  The unit has proven to be especially popular with those who work on and around towers and antennas. This makes the SafeOne® PRO that much more rugged and dependable for those who stay on the ground but work around potential RF hazards.

“The new SafeOne® Pro Personal RF Monitor is an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that employers should make available to their employees for compliance with FCC, OSHA, and other safe workplace requirements,” said Dr. Chris Horne, PE, LBA’s Chief Technical Officer.

OHSA compliance is imperative for any company.  If there are potential on-the-job RF Safety Hazards for workers, then they should have access to a personal RF monitor and RF awareness training. The question then becomes which monitor is right for the job at hand?

What are the uses and benefits of the SafeOne® PRO and the fieldSENSE 2.0™?

SafeOne® PRO

  • General Purpose RF Technician and Tower Climber Use
  • Occupational and general public MPE monitoring
  • Complies 100% with OSHA, Canadian Code 6 (2009) and most international RF personal monitor requirements
  • Wide Frequency Coverage, 10 – 11,000 MHz
    • Industrial RF, FM, TV, Two-way, SCADA
    • Aircraft, Public Safety, Cellular, Radar, Microwave
    • Battery meter and 250 day battery life
    • Includes heavy duty kit

fieldSENSE 2.0™

  • Cellular Site Technician and Trade Use
  • Occupational MPE monitoring only
  • Complies 100% with OSHA, Canadian Code 6 (2015)  and most international RF personal monitor requirements
  • New Frequency Coverage, 50 – 6000 MHz
    • All Cellular, PCS, LTE bands, UHF-TV, UHF communications
    • Additional LOTO monitor mode and hardware
    • Includes heavy duty kit
    • Includes climber fall alarm

The convenient one button operation of these units means they are simple and intuitive. The SafeOne® PRO and the fieldSENSE ProHD™ provide both an audio and visual warning when the IEEE and ICNIRP limit is exceeded.  The included heavy duty kits by LBA feature rugged nylon padded pouches designed for rigger harnesses and work belts to keep the RF Personal Monitor safe and out of the way, and storage boxes when off-duty. Because battery exhaustion on a remote job could be inconvenient, the kits include backup heavy-duty batteries.

Thousands of these monitors from LBA are in use around the world by major companies and government entities such as the U.S. Forest Service, General Dynamics, and NSORO.  All of the major cell carriers, tower companies, and many contractors have them available for their workers. Depending on the nature of the job either the SafeOne® PRO or the fieldSENSE ProHD™ or the new fieldSENSE 2.0™ is a must-have piece of personal protective equipment.

Personal monitor availability

Tower crews often work under tight project deadlines and can’t wait weeks to get site-required PPE. LBA keeps both monitors in stock, for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. Standard ground shipping in the US is even free!

LBA is also committed to supporting your monitors. All monitors are tracked by serial number and provided with a recommended recalibration date to assist you in management and OSHA compliance. RF monitors carry a one year guarantee and LBA maintains in-house test and calibration facilities for prompt turnaround of your recalibrations and service requirements.

Detailed specifications are available on line for the new fieldSENSE 2.0™ and the SafeOne®PRO. For additional information, to place an order or to request a quote, contact LBA’s Jerry Brown at jerry.brown@lbagroup.com, 252-757-0279. Remember, all monitors have FREE US ground shipping!

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