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With a rich history and 60 years of expertise, LBA Technology, an LBA Group Company, has been at the forefront of lightning protection systems. From static dissipation systems to portable lightning mast protection, LBA Group via its LBA Technology Division offers a comprehensive range of solutions to safeguard structures and assets from the destructive impact of lightning strikes. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of safeguarding structures and assets from the increasing frequency and intensity of lightning events. The evolving weather landscape, record-breaking events, and heightened lightning activity highlight the urgent demand for comprehensive lightning protection systems.

In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of static dissipation systems and highlight the versatility of portable lightning mast protection across various applications. By leveraging our expertise and incorporating the latest advancements in lightning protection technology, you can ensure robust protection for critical infrastructure and assets.

Lightning striking a tower and antenna

Towers and antennas are prime lightning targets.

Maximizing Protection and Optimizing Dissipation Performance

Towers and antennas are prime targets for lightning strikes, especially during the summer season when lightning activity and density are at their highest. To ensure maximum protection, it is essential to select the right dissipater, considering factors such as the radius of the dissipater electrode cross-section, construction material, number and density of electrodes, and configuration of the structure.

At LBA Technology, we offer a variety of dissipater options, including the Linear Dissipater Array (LDA), the Candelabra Dissipater Array (CDA), and Spot Dissipater (SDE) Air Terminals, all designed to enhance lightning dissipation performance and safeguard your structures and assets.

  • Linear Dissipater Array (LDA)

Linear Dissipater Array (LDA) installed on a tower

Lightning Dissipater Array installed on a tower.

The Linear Dissipater Array (LDA) effectively retards streamer formation and enhances the natural dissipation characteristic of the structure. It also maintains aesthetic considerations. The LDA consists of a central cable with dissipation electrodes continuously inserted within the wind of the cable. Each element spans two feet in length. Tailored to specific requirements, our custom-designed LDA arrays protect tower tops and other structures effectively.

By incorporating the LDA into your lightning protection system, you can significantly reduce the risk of lightning strikes. The configuration of the LDA elements and supporting structure is carefully determined to ensure optimal performance and protection. Built on 60 years of expertise, our static dissipation systems provide reliable and cost-effective asset protection against lightning strikes.

  • Applications and Benefits:

Static dissipation systems, such as the LDA, find a wide range of applications and offer numerous benefits. They are ideal for protecting towers and antennas, critical infrastructure, and sensitive electronic equipment from lightning strikes. Industries such as telecommunications, broadcasting, aviation, and power transmission can effectively utilize the LDA for lightning protection. By implementing static dissipation systems, you can safeguard your assets, maintain operational continuity, and minimize downtime caused by lightning-related damages.

  • Advantages:

Static dissipation systems offer several advantages for lightning protection. They are highly customizable and adaptable to various structures and environments. The LDA enhances the dissipation performance by utilizing high-conductivity and durable materials, such as stainless-steel ionization brushes. These materials efficiently discharge current and reduce the risk of lightning strikes. Furthermore, our dissipaters adhere to industry standards and codes, including UL and NFPA codes for air terminals, ensuring long-lasting performance and compliance. Additionally, static dissipation systems consider environmental conditions, such as air pressure, temperature, and humidity, to optimize the charge breakdown and dissipation process.

Lightning protection - PLP

PLP- 32 Lightning Masts – available in a fixed or portable version.

  • Candelabra (CDA) and Spot Dissipater (SDE) Air Terminals

Candelabra (CDA) and Spot Dissipater (SDE) Air Terminals provide targeted protection by intercepting and safely dissipating lightning strikes. These air terminals feature multiple pointed tips that serve as preferred strike points, guiding lightning away from critical components. The CDA and SDE can be strategically installed on towers, antennas, and other structures to provide comprehensive protection.

  • Applications and Benefits:

The Candelabra (CDA) and Spot Dissipater (SDE) Air Terminals offer versatile applications and numerous benefits. They are particularly useful for tall structures, such as communication towers, where interception and dissipation of lightning strikes are critical. Utilize these air terminals in conjunction with static dissipation systems for a multi-layered approach to lightning protection. By combining the benefits of dissipaters and air terminals, you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your lightning protection system.

  • Advantages:

The Candelabra and Spot Dissipater Air Terminals provide several advantages for lightning protection. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of lightning strikes and offer durable, long-lasting performance. These air terminals are constructed from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, to ensure corrosion resistance and structural integrity. Additionally, they comply with industry standards and codes for air terminals, guaranteeing their reliability and adherence to safety requirements.

Enhanced Protection with Versatile and Portable Lightning Mast Systems

LBA StrikeMaster PLP-38PK-MOB (02) for Lightning protection

PLP – MOB deployment on an F-35 flight line

In addition to static dissipation systems, portable lightning mast (PLP) systems offer versatile protection for various applications. Whether it’s mobile satellite dishes, radar domes, aircraft, temporary structures, fuel storage areas, or military operations, portable lightning mast systems (PLP) provide reliable protection for assets on the move. These systems are designed to rapidly deploy and create a protective zone, minimizing the risk of lightning-related damage. The flexibility and ease of installation make them ideal for situations where permanent lightning protection systems are impractical.

  • Applications and Benefits:

Portable lightning mast systems find extensive use across diverse applications. More and more portable and fixed objects like satellite dishes, drones, solar power modules, and irrigation well pumps have been deployed. These devices have increasingly incorporated sensitive electronics and wiring susceptible to lightning damage. Protection requires rugged, yet easily transported lightning masts to dissipate and terminate electrical discharges in a manner that avoids including the protected device in the discharge loop.

  • Advantages:

Portable lightning mast systems offer several advantages for lightning protection. Their compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and quick setup, ensuring rapid deployment in critical situations. These systems can be configured to most deployment sites considering the height and area of the structure being protected. Minimal to no site preparation is necessary for deployment.

LBA Technology offers the PLP family of fixed and portable lightning protection masts and kits, including the PLP- Series Lightning Masts. These masts are ideal for diverse lightning protection applications where attaching conventional lightning terminals is impractical or undesired. Based on a lightweight, rugged aluminum mast, our PLP lightning mast components ensure easy transport and rapid installation in various settings. We offer various mounting styles, grounding systems, and UL-Listed air terminals to meet different requirements. With the PLP lightning masts, you can achieve area protection for both fixed and portable assets, ensuring their safety and integrity in lightning-prone environments.

F-35 with PLP-MOB Lightning protection

LBA PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Masts Protect Our F-35 Fleet Flight line Worldwide.


In an era of increasing lightning events and extreme weather conditions, safeguarding structures and assets from lightning strikes is crucial. LBA Technology offers a comprehensive approach to lightning protection through static dissipation systems and portable lightning mast solutions.

The Linear Dissipater Array (LDA) maximizes protection by retarding streamer formation and enhancing natural dissipation. Incorporating the LDA reduces the risk of lightning strikes, ensuring long-lasting performance while adhering to industry standards.

The PLP-Series Lightning Masts by LBA Technology offer rapid deployment, easy transportation, and versatile protection for mobile or temporarily stationed assets. Whether you need to safeguard equipment on the move or protect temporary installations, our PLP lightning masts provide reliable area protection for both fixed and portable assets.

By investing in LBA Technology ‘s comprehensive lightning protection approach, you can safeguard your structures and assets with reliable and cost-effective solutions. In addition, selecting a company from the LBA Group backed by over six decades of expertise means you can trust that you are taking proactive steps to address the potential danger of lightning strikes. This provides peace of mind that your asset’s safety and security are being taken seriously and with the utmost care.


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