Hybrid Lightning Protection System


LBA Group, a leading technology and engineering solutions provider, is proud to announce the official patent approval of its innovative Strike Master® Hybrid Lightning Protection System. This achievement reflects LBA Group’s dedication to advancing safety and delivering unparalleled lightning strike protection for critical assets.

Discovering the Strike Master® Hybrid Lightning Protection System:

The Hybrid Lightning Protection System offers customizable solutions, safeguarding valuable assets from lightning strikes. With an intelligently designed mast assembly and strategically placed lightning dissipaters, this system ensures unmatched protection against lightning-related damage.

Key Features of LBA Group’s Strike Master® Hybrid Protection System:

  • Mast Height Advancement: The new patent allows for the development of taller systems, enhancing protection for larger assets.
  • Mast Assembly: Engineered with precision, the mast assembly comprises multiple upper and lower mast sections, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Lightning Dissipater(s): Strategically positioned at the top portion of the uppermost mast section, lightning dissipaters effectively disperse lightning energy.

LBA Group’s Strike Master® Hybrid System showcases the company’s expertise and commitment to setting new safety standards for clients. Therefore, with the official patent approval, LBA Group solidifies its position as a leading provider of innovative solutions.

Lawrence Behr, CEO of LBA Group, expressed, “Our Strike Master® Hybrid Lightning Protection System embodies LBA Group’s unwavering commitment to providing clients with advanced solutions for portable lightning protection. We take pride in delivering customizable solutions that ensure the safety and integrity of critical assets.”

For more information about LBA Group’s Strike Master® Hybrid Lightning Protection System and their comprehensive range of services in RF Safety, Lightning Protection, Antenna Systems, and Engineering Solutions, visit www.LBAGroup.com. You can also contact us at lbagrp@lbagroup.com or 252.757.0279.

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