As the world becomes more and more connected but with fewer wires, there is an ever growing demand for sophisticated yet economical and compact devices to make sure all of this wireless equipment is operating as it should.  Fading are the days of huge pieces of test equipment designed to do just one job.  Communications engineers want handheld devices that can do more and truly meet the definition of portable.  Doing more with less is actually a good thing in this case.

Must have key words when selecting RF test equipment

LBA Technology, Inc., recognizes the challenges engineers face out in the field and believes a new relationship with a European company offers the perfect solution. Recently, LBA reached an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of RF antenna and transmission line test equipment from COMM-connect A/S in North America and South America. These state of the art handheld RF antenna analyzers, widely recognized worldwide, are complemented by COMM-connect’s VHF-UHF band filters, VSWR couplers, RF signal splitters, wideband and narrow band Low Noise RF Amplifiers, and other general purpose RF components.

This now means there are several new options available in the U.S. and Latin America for compact state of the art RF transmission test devices with long battery life. These units facilitate the installation and operation of two-way, broadcasting, DAS, LTE and wireless LAN systems in the 30 to 6000 MHz frequency range.

RF analysers, amplifiers, VSWR monitors and components from Comm-connect
RF analysers, amplifiers, VSWR monitors and components from Comm-connect

Some of the devices now available through LBA are the Type 3013 SWR TRUE Antenna Analyzer for mobile and all band cellular antenna system tuning and trouble-shooting; the Broadcast Power Monitor Type 3025 with 4 channels and Type 3024 Broadcast Power Monitor which can control up to 8 external RF directional couplers for AM, FM, and TV use; and, where a versatile transmission line power analyzer is needed, the Type 3029 RF ONE Wide Band Directional Watt Meter. Also, for a modern version of the traditional VHF – UHF two-way radio power and VSWR meter, many radio communications engineers around the world count on the Type 3030 Land Mobile RF Power Meter.

“I’m pleased that we’ve been able to work out this new long-term mutually beneficial relationship with COMM-connect and look forward to the great opportunities this brings for both companies,” said LBA President and COO Jerry Brown.

Greenville, North Carolina based LBA has 50 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets.  In introducing the COMM-connect products to the America’s, LBA has demonstrated a high level of confidence that this unique RF test equipment can meet the demands of the modern day wireless and radio communications engineer and fulfill their “must-have” requirements. COMM-connect is based in Denmark and has been manufacturing high quality RF measurement equipment for more than 25 years.

The COMM-connect management team said it best, “We enjoy the daily dialogue with our customers, in order to help overcome the challenges of tomorrow.”

For more information on the complete line of COMM-connect products from LBA visit; or contact Jerry Brown at, 252-757-0279.

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