Most busy TV engineers wouldn’t cobble together their own multiple-function TV Test Instruments from add-ons and options unless they found themselves in a technological vacuum. Thanks to Kathrein-Schomandl, no such void exists. The renowned German RF equipment manufacturer has filled it with a universal, easy-to-operate DTV signal analyzer called MSK-200.

MSK-200 TV Signal Analyzer
MSK-200 TV Signal Analyzer

The versatile MSK-200 not only easily interprets analog and digital signals, it is 10 major pieces of test equipment in one. What’s more, the device is easy to operate and easier on the budget than comparable competing units.

Kathrein Group is the largest producer of antenna system technology in the world, including instruments for satellite, cable TV and digital video; its subsidiary, Schomandl, primarily produces instruments for scientific and radio communication.

LBA Technology is the western hemisphere’s exclusive distributor of Kathrein-Schomandl test equipment. What convention visitors to the LBA booth will see in the MSK-200 is a compact, portable, remote-useable bench-top instrument that can analyze, measure and validate the protocol of terrestrial, cable and satellite analog and digital 50/75 ohm TV RF systems.

The unit integrates 10 testing functions in one standard instrument, which means its usefulness transcends engineering departments—and  department budgets. Its diverse functionality is integrated into a single unit of incomparable utility, unlike competitors that rely on add-ons and options. The MSK-200 functions as a:

• Full spectrum analyzer from 5 MHz to 3.1 GHz.
• Real-time color constellation analyzer for all DVB standards.
• Memory oscilloscope.
• Digital and analog TV monitor.
• Real-time MER-BER analyzer.
• Simultaneous spectrum and picture transport stream analyzer.
• MPEG 2/4 video decoder.
• Coaxial return loss bridge.
• DiSEqC monitor.
• Multimeter for LNB.

While the multi-tasking unit is designed to be portable, a rack-mounted derivative— the Adam 3000—takes the concept one step further. Adam 3000 units are specifically dedicated for mounting in TV or satellite trucks and control rooms, thus eliminating the need to adapt the MSK-200 to such use.

The ease of operating the MSK-200 can be traced to Kathrein-Schomandl engineers who clearly had operators in mind. Operation is intuitive and backed by introductory step-by-step features. A 10.4-inch LCD color display with bright backlighting to overcome sun glare makes it readable under extreme lighting conditions in the field; the unit’s combination of a soft keyboard and infrared touch screen will speedily win over any operator.

The instrument clearly leads the way in test technology, lagging behind competitors in only one area: price. The cost of the MSK-200 is considerably less than any rival manufacturer’s product of comparable functionality, yet the unit does not scrimp on test features. It offers 8VSB, DVB-(T, H, S,S2, C), ATSC,  MPEG, QAM, BERMER and transport stream analysis, AM/FM demodulation and several other functions not offered by a competing unit, such as the FSH3-TV. Yet the MSK-200 is priced 20 to 30 percent less than the FSH3-TV.

It is easy to see why engineers love the MSK-200. It is the instrumentation they want—integrated into one small, portable case. The MSK-200 helps engineers “Excel in the Digital World.”  Check out the whole range of LBA Video and RF test equipment.

Original article can be found in Broadcasters Show Daily publication, April 12, 2010.

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