Chris Horne, the chief technical officer of LBA Group Inc., will participate in another national forum highlighting the emerging issue of overloaded wireless spectrum. Horne is a panelist presenter Feb. 1-3 at the 4G Wireless Evolution conference in the Miami Convention Center.

The 4GWE conferences attract wireless carriers and industry stockholders who are keen to stay on top of swiftly changing technologies and applications. Anyone in the wireless industry knows the sweep of change involved these days, and one such phenomenon is the lowering of barriers between licensed and unlicensed wireless spectrum providers.

At the conference, Horne—a registered professional engineer with a doctorate in electrical engineering—will be one of five panelists in a discussion of “Breaking Down the Licensed-Unlicensed Wall.”

Because the demand for more spectrum is blurring and fusing the worlds of licensed and unlicensed internet service providers, the panel will explore the possibility of more efficiently utilizing spectrum by blending it between the two ISP categories. This fuzzing of distinctions between licensed and unlicensed providers crosses the threshold into another brave new world of spectrum usage.

Another example of the movement toward parsing spectrum is the Federal Communications Commission’s approval of sharing UHF and VHF television channels. The decision came after experimental trials of TV spectrum-sharing were conducted in several areas, including Wilmington, N.C.  KTS Wireless is a pioneer in this whitespace radio technology.

Horne is a veteran of such discussions as these. He was a panelist last fall at a 4G World conference in Chicago where splitting and rebranding spectrum was dissected for conference attendees.

For the Miami discussion, on the panel with Horne are Thomas Knippen, vice president of W.A.T.C.H. TV; Phillip Merrill, owner of Arizona ISP company, BeamSpeed;  Dr. Mohammad Shakouri, vice president of broadband solutions provider Alvarion; and Greg Williams, senior vice president of BelAir Networks.

Conference attendees can take part in the panel discussions, network with wireless world peers, and view new products and services of an expected 200 exhibitors on the convention center floor. To register for the conference, or for more information, the 4GWE contact person is wireless spectrum, overloaded wireless spectrum, 4G Wireless Evolution conference,4G Wireless Evolution conference,4G Wireless Evolution conference, 4GFrank Coppola at 203-852-6800 extension 131 or he can be e-mailed at


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