German manufacturer R.A.M. Gmbh draws on 15 years of expertise to produce a precision timing generator for DTV transmission feeds measured in nanoseconds

Blinding-fast digital signals generated for DTV are not too quick for the Taref3™ high-precision master clock produced by German manufacturer R.A.M. Gmbh. The instrument is a product of 15 years of synchronization engineering and represents a new dimension for reference clocks.

The precision timing generator is distributed in the western hemisphere exclusively by LBA Technology. It is on display in the LBA booth at the National Association of Broadcasters 2010 Show in Las Vegas, April 10-15.

Taref3™ provides economical atomic timing standard accuracy for television, cable TV and satellite operators. The entire Taref series is engineered to seamlessly coordinate digital TV bit streams and transmissions, single frequency transmitter systems, multiplexer systems, telecommunication networks and measurement equipment.


Taref3 Precision Timing Generator
Taref3 Precision Timing Generator


The slender, 19-inch-long rack-mounted instrument features three LED monitoring lights on the front so technicians can tell at a glance when the clock is locked on a GPS satellite. From incoming data, operators can quickly determine how many satellites are visible to the clock, the number being tracked and the longitude, latitude and height of each, as well as the coordinated universal time.

The instrument’s output is made cesium-standard stable by disciplining an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OXCO) with precise GPS satellite signals.

The Taref3™  offers multiple output frequency options, including 10 MHz, 1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz and custom selections. Precise one second pulses locked to UTC are standard. Phase noise levels during operation are extraordinarily low.


Taref3 precision timing generator rear panel
Taref3 precision timing generator rear panel


The device may be controlled by a PC through a USB port. It can be provisioned as a redundant system and offers multiple output capabilities. Universal power inputs include 12 VDC, 48 VDC, 115 and 220 VAC at 50/60 Hz.

The Taref3™ is a full-service time standard instrument, but engineers faced with even more stringent timing requirements should consider the Taref30™ timing generator. It has the stability of a rubidium reference clock and is capable of GPS-independent operation after initial calibration to GPS. Updated at least annually with the Taref300™ as a GPS transfer standard, the Taref30™ eliminates the need for exterior GPS antenna access. It is ideal for interior building installations, shielded secure spaces and other difficult environments.

LBA Technology offers a full line of laboratory-grade frequency synthesizers and generators and other RF test equipment and more precision timing and frequency standard systems. Keeping up with the precise frequency and timing requirements of today’s systems is part of the company’s pledge to help broadcasters Excel in the Digital World.

LBA Technology and Lawrence Behr Associates operate as LBA Group, Inc. Headquartered in Greenville, N.C., LBA Group brings more than 45 years of experience to the field of RF telecommunications.

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