In a win-win, new CAMI CAT Isocoupler facilitates WISP use of AM radio towers while strengthening LBA position as the leading AM colocation solutions provider


LBA Technology CAMI CAT

GREENVILLE, NC, November 19, 2019– Continuing with its innovative approach to providing solutions for the wireless industry to utilize AM radio towers, LBA Technology, Inc. (LBA) introduces the CAMI CAT for wireless internet service providers (WISP’s). This new product from the hardware unit of LBA Group, Inc. is capable of isolating up to four CAT 6 cables with Power over Ethernet (PoE) on an AM tower. It is the latest addition to the award winning line of CAMI® broadband radio isolators and provides for convenient and economical deployment of wireless broadband internet infrastructure on AM radio towers.

With over 10,000 AM towers in the U.S., the CAMI CAT opens up a major resource for WISP’s and a new revenue stream for AM station operators. “Particularly in rural areas, this new LBA product makes virtually all AM towers economical colocation candidates for wireless broadband providers and creates a potential win-win for them and AM station operators,” LBA Director of Sales Jerry Brown said.

Standard and custom CAMI CAT models are available to transparently accommodate CAT 6 on a “hot” AM radio station tower at all AM frequencies and powers. These systems are cost effective, weather and lightning resistant, and easy to install from ground level with supplied hardware. Get more information on the CAMI CAT at:

The Federal Communications Commission continues authorizing funding for broadband providers to expand service for tens of thousands of unserved rural homes and small businesses across the U.S. A component of this includes WISP’s, for whom deploying wireless internet radios on an AM tower becomes possible using LBA’s CAMI CAT. The use of AM towers often is dramatically cheaper than using cell towers, and enables much faster deployment in internet-deprived areas.

As the leading solutions provider for collocating broadband, 5G, and other wireless technology on AM radio towers, LBA offers a range of products in addition to the CAMI CAT to accommodate different wireless technologies. For FM and TV broadcasting, the CAMI 500/40,000-series are popular. Conventional cellular on coaxial cable is served with the widely deployed ColoCoil®-series of isolators, used by all major cell carriers. To accommodate the emerging 5G broadband market, LBA has introduced the Hybrid ColoCoil® for the utilization of the latest generation of hybrid cable on AM towers. Application assistance is offered by the LBA colocation technical team. Please contact Jerry Brown at, 252-757-0279.

Note: CAMI and ColoCoil are registered trademarks of LBA Group, Inc.

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