Precision timing ca. 500 BC

Digital bitstream synchronization measured in nanoseconds makes precise timing a real adventure for digital TV engineers. LBA Technology Inc. offers harried technicians a better way to mesh the blinding-fast digital signals.

The solution is the Taref3™ high-precision master clock produced by the German manufacturer R.A.M. Gmbh. LBA Technology is exclusive distributor of the instrument in the western hemisphere. It is one of several time synchronization and frequency reference solutions now offered by LBA.

Taref3™ is a product of 15 years of master clock time generator engineering and ushers in a new dimension for reference clocks. It provides economical atomic timing standard accuracy for television, cable TV, satellite operators and many others. The Taref series is engineered to seamlessly coordinate digital TV bit streams and transmissions, single frequency transmitter systems, multiplexer systems, telecommunication networks and measurement equipment.

The slender, 19-inch-long rack-mounted instrument features three LED monitoring lights on the front so technicians can tell at a glance when the clock is locked on a GPS satellite. The instrument’s output is stabilized to a cesium-standard by disciplining an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OXCO) with precise GPS satellite signals.

The Taref3™ offers multiple output frequency options, including 10 MHz, 1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz and custom selections. Precise one second pulses locked to UTC are standard. Phase noise levels during operation are extraordinarily low.

The device may be controlled by a PC through a USB port. It offers multiple output capabilities, and universal power inputs include 12 VDC, 48 VDC, 115 and 220 VAC at 50/60 Hz.

Engineers faced with even more stringent timing requirements should consider another instrument in the Taref series, the Taref30™ timing generator. It has the stability of a rubidium reference clock and is capable of GPS-independent operation after initial calibration to GPS. Updated at least annually with the Taref300™ as a GPS transfer standard, the Taref30™ eliminates the need for exterior GPS antenna access. It’s ideal for interior building installations, shielded secure spaces and other difficult environments.

For those needing an OEM reference to incorporate in equipment, LBA offers the Schomandl FNX-GPS. It offers disciplined OXCO operation on a compact plug in circuit board.

Learn more about the Taref series and keep up with LBA’s master clock and timing solutions at our webpage Precision Frequency and Time Systems, or our RF and TV test equipment page.

Keeping up with the precise frequency and timing requirements of today’s systems is part of the company’s pledge to help timing users Excel in the Digital World.

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