April 23, 2003 (Greenville, NC) – A new safety compliance product from LBA offers a major advance in radio frequency safety for both workers and the public. Amidst continued public concern over the safety of signals emanating from cellular towers, LBA’s new RF Tracker™ system keeps tower site workers, regulators, and emergency responders tuned in to the safety of radio signals from these towers.

RF Tracker™ is an on-site cache of documentation to give an immediate source of clear, concise knowledge of the RF environment at any equipped tower site. User-friendly color-coded radio frequency maximum permissible exposure (MPE) maps, graphics, and tables guide safe site and tower work. Easy-to-update documents are designed to track all radio frequency changes at the site and include a revision log and site-specific advisory labels – all laminated and protected in a quick-install, weatherproof cabinet. RF Tracker™ can be installed at both tower and rooftop sites.

Win Donat, COO of LBA Group commented, “With over 140,000 cellular and PCS antenna sites around the country, it is essential that workers and public safety personnel have available reliable on-site information about radio frequency conditions. For the first time, the LBA RF Tracker™ puts all this critical data in one fast access location.”

In addition to cellular and PCS sites, the RF Tracker™ also adds a new layer of safety to public safety towers, radio and TV broadcast, and commercial communications sites.

To complement RF Tracker™, LBA is now offering certificated radio frequency safety training to workers, public safety responders, and others with a need to access wireless transmitting sites. RF safety training coupled with instantly available RF Tracker™ safety data keeps wireless antenna sites FCC and OSHA compliant!

For forty years, LBA Group, Inc. has provided engineering and technical consulting services to the wireless industry. It provides services through its Greenville North Carolina based units Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. and LBA Technology, Inc. The two companies have partnered on the development and marketing of RF Tracker™.

As an update to the original release, LBA now offers SafeOne personal RF monitors to keep workers safe.

About The Author

LBA Group, Inc. has 60 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets. The group is comprised of LBA Technology, a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates and LBA University, providing on-site and online professional training. The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.

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