IEEE Board of Directors awards Lawrence Behr with theprestigious Life Membership.


Lawrence BehrThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Board of Directors and Saifur Rahman, 2023 IEEE President & CEO has awarded Lawrence Behr, the CEO of LBA Group Inc., with the IEEE’s prestigious Life Membership. This special honor is reserved for individuals who have truly distinguished themselves through their sustained and lasting contributions to the IEEE.

The Life Member status speaks to both Mr. Behr’s professional achievements in technology as well as the significant impact he has made on the growth and development of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This is shown largely through his work with LBA Group Inc. and its leadership, volunteerism, and dedication to advancing technology for humanity.

Designees of this top echelon of membership are among the most active, engaged, and influential volunteers. Life Members serve as reviewers, editors, and conference organizers. They participate in the development of standards, organize, and participate in local meetings, and serve in leadership roles at all levels of the organization. The contributions of IEEE Life Members are indispensable to IEEE’s sustainable success.

Mr. Behr and LBA Group Inc is excited to continue further with its community-oriented efforts in order to support those locally and at a national level with their services.

ABOUT: IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

LBA Group, Inc. LBA Group, Inc. has 60 years of experience in providing technology and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets in the radio frequency and electromagnetic spaces. LBA is a multiple INC5000 awardee, CVMSDC-certified, and is a North Carolina Top 50 Hispanic minority-owned small business. The group is comprised of LBA Technology, Inc., a leading source and integrator of lightning protection, RF shielding, antenna systems, and test equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional technical consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.; LBA University, Inc. providing award-winning online professional training; and now the online store for RF safety and shielding related products, LBA One Source.

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LBA Group, Inc. has 50 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets. The group is comprised of LBA Technology, a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates and LBA University, providing on-site and online professional training. The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.

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