Effective, portable lightning protection has been a tall order, until now.LBA Technology, Inc.has solved this challenge by designing a new portable lightning mast kit. The 38-foot PLP38-6-SP-PK is a high mobility fly-away kit.

Effective, portable lightning protection has been a tall order, until now. LBA Technology, Inc. has solved this challenge by designing a new portable lightning mast kit. These first-in-class kits provide effective lightning protection yet are extraordinarily portable. The 38-foot PLP38-6-SP-PK is a high mobility fly-away kit that provides protection for portable satellite systems, communication systems, ground-mounted utility equipment, solar arrays, oil production, ammo, flammable storage sites, and depot environments of various types.

Portable Lightning Protection Case

PLP38-6-SP-PK Components and case, ready for transport

“These latest additions to our PLP Series of lightning masts combine portability with highly effective lightning protection. This is a difficult task, but we’re proud our design team has been able to accomplish this and now offer this solution to our customers,” said LBA Business Development Specialist Byron Johnson.

LBA conducted a lengthy period of research and development to create these new additions to the PLP Series of portable lightning masts. One of the critical tasks in the R&D process was successfully putting the unit through wind load stress tests. These rugged lightning protection masts have been rated to 120 mph wind survival.

The efforts to design this unique, portable fly-away lightning mast kit began in response to the critical needs of a major aerospace logistics contractor. The six-and-a-half foot sections met this customer’s unique storage and portability requirements.

LBA Technology’s PLP Series of portable lightning masts includes models from 14 feet to 38 feet. These units can be easily set up by two people in under an hour. They provide excellent options for lighting protection in mission critical situations where transportation, set-up and re-deployment are challenging yet the protection of assets is paramount.

Portable Lightning Mast PLP in use

PLP38-6-SP-PK Deployed

The new PLP38-6-SP-PK consists of six-and-a-half foot sections with self-supporting base and grounding systems with a one-man carrying case. It’s a fly-away, compact kit suitable for transport by nearly any means, including small planes, helicopters or even a small compartment in a satcomm trailer.

All PLP series lightning masts are also offered with bases and configuration for fixed, permanent applications.

For more information on the PLP38-6-SP-PK and the wide variety of lightning protection solutions offered by LBA, visit https://lbagroup.com/products/lightning-protection-systems-for-towers-antennas-and-structures, or contact us by phone at 252-757-0279 or by email at sales@lbagroup.com.

LBA Technology is a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection, and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial, and government users worldwide. The company is a unit of LBA Group, Inc., which has over 50 years of experience in providing electromagnetic protection for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets. Within LBA Group are two other units; Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., the professional technical consultancy arm of the company; and LBA University, Inc., providing on-site and online professional safety training.

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