The GORC Morse Telegraph Special Event celebrates the first successful demonstration of the telegraph in the US at the Speedwell Iron Works on January 6th, 1838.

“On January 6th, 1838 an event occurred that would change the world as we know it today. On January 6th, 1838, Alfred Vail, Samuel Morse and a boy named William Baxter gave the first successful demonstration of a working telegraph in the United States of America. On this day this small group sent the first demo message on a working telegraph at the Speedwell Iron Works located in the State of New Jersey. This revolutionary device sent the message, ” a patient waiter is no loser ” over two miles of cotton-covered hat wire coiled around the room. The demonstration was given to Judge Stephen Vail, the father and financial backer of Alfred Vail. To honor this special event in history the Great Outdoor Radio Club or GORC will operate the special event station W3M on January 6th – 7th, 2011. Look for W3M on CW and PSK31. Listen for W3M to use a straight key for this event!”

 Please take a look at the very unique certificate that has been made to honor this event in history.
Please take a look at the very unique certificate that has been made to honor this event in history.

Click on the link below to read about the certificate and more.

LBA has four Hams aboard our staff: Lawrence Behr, K4JRZ; Marcian Bouchard, KC4TOI; Byron Johnson; and Chris Horne, W4CKH. Marcian and Chris are CW enthusiasts who keep the airwaves alive with Morse Code, still the most reliable communications available! Chris also restores old broadcast transmitters for AM low band use in his spare time!

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