Back in March we made a post introducing the FCC Spectrum Dashboard which at the time was being beta tested.  Now the site has been upgraded and officially taken out of beta!

The dashboard adds a sense of transparency into how America’s spectrum is being used.  In the FCC’s words: “The Spectrum Dashboard allows new ways for citizens to search spectrum in the United States. Use the dashboard to find out how spectrum is being used, who owns spectrum licenses around the country, and what spectrum is available in your county.”

According to their blog, the FCC Spectrum Dashboard is being used over 800 times a day, while having been out for only 8 months now.

FCC Spectrum Dashboard
FCC Spectrum Dashboard

Spectrum Dashboard Enhancements Now Available

  • An “Advanced Search.” The Advanced Search replaces the “License Categories” search and includes several different search criteria located at the same place, including the ability to search for licenses by channel block.
  • Auto Complete for Name Search. The auto complete function allows a user to search by a name and the Spectrum Dashboard will display all names that include the string of letters/characters entered.
  • Changes to Filters. The filters have been enhanced to allow a user to open and close filters, as they deem appropriate, and to include an additional filter for channel blocks.
  • Downloading Results. When a user downloads results by clicking on the “Export Results” link, the results will download automatically if the results are 65,000 rows or less. If the results are more than 65,000 rows a user will receive an e-mail when the results are available.

Enhancements Available Over the Next Several Months

  • Leasing Data. Leasing information will be added that will allow a user to view data on where spectrum has been leased, the amount of spectrum leased, and the identity of the lessee.
  • Tribal Lands. Improvements, including a tribal land search, that will make it easier for a user toidentify licenses that cover tribal lands.
  • Maps. The appearance of the maps will be enhanced as well the ability for a user to incorporate thirdparty data into the maps.
  • APIs. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) will be included to allow third parties to more easily access data.

You can visit official FCC Spectrum Dashboard page here:

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