LBA now offers users the convenience of USB and Ethernet access to systems under test in its popular EMFaracage® electromagnetic shielded chambers. Fiber optic signal isolation requires no compromise to the faraday cage isolation, or to the data stream.

FC-10 EMFaracage® showing associated fiber optic communication appliances.

The picture shows an FC-10 lab top RF shielded chamber equipped with a wide bandwidth fiber appliance. Note the tubular waveguide which permits the egress of multiple fiberglass cables without isolation impact to above 6 GHz. A high isolation filtered AC power utility is also provided for operation of the internal fiber components, as well as to power the device under test and associated RF test equipment. The unit shown is convection cooled, but forced air cooling is an option, as is a glass viewport.

To learn more about LBA EMFaracages® and other RF shielding systems contact or 252-757-0279.

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LBA Group, Inc. has 60 years of experience in providing RF asset solutions and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets.The group is comprised of LBA Technology, a leading manufacturer and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial and government users worldwide; the professional consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates and LBA University, providing on-site and online professional training.The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA.

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