LBA's Cheif Technical Officer, Chris Horne is quoted in Communications Daily

The edition of 25 September 2012 leads with an article about the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to allow Dish Network to operate a terrestrial wireless broadband network. However, Sprint has raised objections over protection of the H block of PCS frequencies (1995 to 2000 MHz) directly below the 20 MHz belonging to DISH. One option the FCC is considering is to have Dish move its uplink up 5 MHz thereby preventing adjacent channel interference with the H block. Among other issues is what spectrum to use as guard bands including the top part Dish’s uplink frequencies between Sprint and government and broadcast operations.

Commenting to Communications News on this situation, LBA’s CTO said that DISH may be a “victim” of interference from government earth stations that communicate with satellites, with broadcast auxiliary services, and also potentially a “source” of interference to whichever company uses the H block. “Interference is real — both interband and intraband,” Horne said. “That would happen if equipment is not filtered out properly and there are not guard channels in place.” He suggested that a 5 MHz guard band at both ends of Dish’s uplink spectrum would be “ideal”.

LBA is a leader in resolving interference problems. For an FAQ on interference issues, see

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