CAMI® broadband isocouplers enable colocation of FM and TV on AM towers!


How To Add TV/FM Translators, LPFM and LPTV to AM Towers? Next Generation CAMI® Isocouplers!

The TV spectrum auction is over and the TV Repack has begun! Thousands of low power TV and TV translators that were displaced to free up auctioned spectrum will need to relocate or go off the air.

The Federal Communications Commission has also granted large numbers of FM translators for use by AM stations and new low power FM licenses, and AM translator rule changes are causing new applications to flood into the FCC.

These new licensees will all need antenna space, but many traditional TV and FM tower locations are under great stress due to the repack of almost 1000 full power TV stations. Many cell towers are capacity constrained, too expensive, or technologically limited to cell carriers only. Where can the new licensees go? AM towers!

AM broadcasters: Are you missing income opportunities? Find the gold in AM tower steel! You can open an opportunity to generate a new revenue stream. It’s a win – win for both AM station owners and translator/low power owners.

Many lower-power FM and TV stations can now place their antennas on thousands of AM broadcast towers using one of the five new, economical, and rugged LBA Technology CAMI® Broadband AM Isocouplers.

CAMI® Isocouplers were winners of the prestigious TV and Radio Technology Innovation Awards for 2016!

Here is a brief video and tutorial on AM tower colocation. Oriented to wireless users, it is fully applicable to low power FM & TV users as well. Visit

CAMI® broadband isolators create a world of options for low power TV and FM broadcasters. Now AM collocation is more practical than ever, and LBA is the expert with over 40 years’ experience in successful AM tower sharing. With over 10,000 AM towers in the US, a major resource in the site acquisition/zoning battle can be available to you. Directional or non-directional, virtually all AM towers become colocation candidates with LBA’s technology solutions. Learn more about these collocation powerhouses at

The CAMI® line offers five models to handle TV or FM power from 1 watt to 40,000 watts at frequencies from DC – 3GHz. These isocouplers allow the transmission line to “jump” the hot AM base insulator without affecting either service. Standard AM power ratings accommodate most AM stations, and custom power packages are available to 50,000 watts and beyond.

CAMI® isocouplers offer a new world of versatility. Need to combine multiple transmitters into one feedline? Your CAMI can handle it! Repack might require your channel to change? A CAMI requires no retuning! Need to get DC or AC power to tower top equipment? CAMI’s handle AC/DC insertion voltages! Diplexed AM? No problem for a custom CAMI!

LBA’s CAMI isocouplers are budget-friendly, weather and lightning resistant, and easy to install from ground level with supplied hardware. A variety of industry-standard connectors are available for easy system integration. Full specifications are at (PDF):

LBA offers a no obligation initial consultation on your potential AM colocation, and our technical team can assist you with every aspect of your collocation. Please contact Jerry Brown at, 252-757-0279. CAMI® broadband isocouplers are also available through leading US and international broadcast supply houses.

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