Many radio and TV broadcasters in the United States are not aware that a year’s old FCC rule may be about to wreck their microwave operations! If you have an affected operation, you should take immediate action to preserve interference protection for your system.


On October 16, 2004 the FCC changed the coordination rules for most filings of AI, AS, TI, TT, TS service codes for a new license or a modification of an existing license. These applications will now require a PCN as an attachment. A PCN is a Prior Coordination Notice. This is a two-stage process. First you must do an engineering study to prove that the new or modified microwave path will not cause any interference to another path. Second, you must send out this PCN to all affected users.  The only exception is for a UHF-TV channel for a TI, TT or TS code and for a fixed link in 2008 – 2110 or 2450 – 2483.5 MHz. Proponents then have 30 days to wait for any complaints. After that, the application can be filed with the FCC. It is no longer permitted to just move a link! That can not be done until the PCN is completed and the application is on file at the FCC.

There are still many licenses around the US that are not correct. Broadcasters should look at all of their fixed licenses for 950 MHz and above to see if the license shows “Location # 1” and “Location # 2”. If it does not, then you are not protected at your receive site! The FCC  is about to open up the Part 74 bands to all microwave users. Without a correctly licensed system broadcasters run the high risk of being interfered with by a new user and will have no right to protection from the new user.

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Thanks to the SCFCC Newsletter for this alert.

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