Radio frequency interference issues with broadband transmission media are becoming an important capacity and coverage issue for 4G, LTE, WiFi and other deployments. Interference modes unrecognized a few years ago have risen to importance in the new wireless environment. FM to LTE, CATV to LTE, and LTE to CATV are just some of the issues being dealt with.

To foster knowledge and coping strategies for these interference issues, LBA now is hosting a new and unique users group on Linked In – the 4G LTE Radio Interference Forum. The Forum is open to all Linked In members. Membership is free, so just join to access and participate.

wireless 4G LTE interference problems
Conversations on wireless interference problems encouraged here

The new group provides a forum for the discussion of infrastructure radio interference and spectrum usability issues affecting the deployment of 4G LTE, WiFi, and other broadband wireless services.

Forum members are encouraged to post their questions, problems and/or solutions, technical papers on interference modes, and other relevant information in the “Discussion” area. Postings advertising jobs and equipment/services are welcome in the “Jobs” and “Promotions” areas, but inappropriate posts will be deleted at the group moderator’s discretion.

This professional group is sponsored by LBA Group, Inc., a leader in the application, control, and safety of radio frequency and electromagnetic energy specializing in the control and remediation of interference to wireless systems. Go to the group at

About The Author

Dr. Chris Horne leads all technical activities at LBA in wireless consulting, AM protection, FCC compliance and RF Risk Management. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science Degree, is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states, and a member of the IEEE, RCA, and the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE). Dr. Horne has held several senior management positions in the wireless industry where he has been responsible for network and equipment design, tower deployment and spectrum coordination.

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