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Lawrence Behr

Lawrence Behr | CEO


Lawrence Behr is the founder of Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., and subsequently, the LBA Group. A recognized leader in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Behr's almost sixty years of experience span the areas of broadcast, military and commercial telecommunications technology. He has frequently served as an expert witness before the Federal Communications Commission, the courts and zoning authorities in communications regulatory matters. He presently serves as a Director of the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers. He is a frequent lecturer and author and holds patents on several inventions in antenna technology. Lawrence is a long-time amateur operation (K4JRZ) and enjoys hiking and canoeing.

Ben Cobb

Ben Cobb | CFO / COO


Ben has more than twenty years of comprehensive business experience with privately-held corporations. He is responsible for providing overall leadership, direction and accountability for LBA. He currently manages the procurement, production, sales, logistics, IT and accounting functions.

Ben is a graduate of North Carolina State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and East Carolina University where he earned a Master of Business Administration. He is also an active member of the Boy Scouts of America and is recognized as an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the organization.

Jennifer Cargile

Jennifer Behr Cargile | Director of Strategic Planning


Jennifer brings twenty plus years of entrepreneurial leadership to LBA Group. While she has previously found success in more creative areas, she brings a fresh perspective into the LBA offices. Her strengths lie within the realm of project management and strategic planning. She looks forward to carrying on the legacy of LBA and bringing the company forward into the new decade and beyond.

Jennifer holds an Associate of Science degree from Peace University, Bachelor of Arts from East Carolina University and Associate of Arts from Johnson & Wales University.

Mike Britner

Mike Britner | VP of Business Development


Mike’s background includes technical, marketing and sales experience. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran, has had significant roles in international satellite communications and many local economic development and non-profit organizations. He came to LBA from U.S. Cellular where he was a network field engineer. Contact Mike to discuss how we can work together and discover solutions to your unique, interesting and challenging situations.

David Horn

Jerry Brown, CPBE®, CRMC® | Director of Sales


Jerry has over twenty five years of sales experience. His background includes highly complex, highly technical sales to governments, military and Fortune 500 companies.

Jerry is certified as a Professional Broadcast Engineer by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). He is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). Jerry’s previous business and sales experience includes manufacturing sales and management, radio station ownership and management and VP of Engineering for several major broadcast groups.

Adam Carlson

Adam Carlson, MS, CBRE, CPI | Director of Wireless Business


Adam Carlson began his carrier on the other side of the transmitter as an on-air talent, program director and brand manager for some of the largest employers in radio. That background aids Adam in addressing compliance issues with our broadcast partners, who's perspective he can better understand. His knowledge of the needs of radio stations has made him valuable in interacting with them during projects. Adam's background in I.T. and network management also allow him to troubleshoot issues from multiple sides at once.

Adam has a bachelor's in broadcast communication from North Central College of Naperville, IL and a Masters of Science from Utica College in New York.

Kiara Walbrook

Kiara Walbrook | LBA University Manager


Kiara is the Manager of LBA University, specializing in online RF and OSHA compliant safety training. 

As a former U.S. Army Water Treatment Technician, Kiara spent time in South Korea conducting water analysis, assisting in field service work and training on equipment maintenance and procedures.

Kiara holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from American Public University and an Master of Library and Information Science in Digital Archives and Library Science Preservation from the University of Michigan.

Bryan Dixon

Bryan Dixon | Technical Operations Manager


Bryan comes to LBA with over forty years of experience in construction and safety management for the industrial, commercial and residential industries. Experiences come from mining, pharmaceutical, paper mills, agricultural, special processing and chemical. His experience also includes over forty years within the fire service. His skills include corporate management, participative management, supervisory and laborer.

Bryan has backgrounds in: waste water treatment (handling, disposal, monitoring and reporting), environmental compliance (air quality, storm water, HazWhoper, waste storage and disposal, federal/state/local reporting and compliance), plant services and maintenance, safety (first aid, workers compensation, emergency response teams and production supervision), mechanical HVAC (air compressors, cooling towers and production machinery, precision machinery set up and adjustments (CNC operations and settings), machining centers, business ownership/operation and project estimating. In addition, Bryan also has experience in facility maintenance management and production supervision in the automotive industry for over sixteen years.

Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden | Director of Special Projects


Michael brings to LBA over thirty years of practicing engineering before the FCC. After completing a successful career in the U.S. Navy where he was active in Anti-submarine Warfare Operations during the height of the Cold War and participated in the Anti-Submarine Warfare development program for the DD-962 (Spruance Class) destroyer program in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Michael entered the Broadcast Engineering Community. During his career in Broadcasting, he has held several corporate level positions.

Holding the position of Adjunct Professor in the State of Illinois Community College System, he has developed several curricula pertaining to computer and network systems. During this time, he was also an advisor on the Education Advisory Board of the Chicago Public School System.

Michael holds a Ship Radar endorsed General Radio Telephone Operator License issued by the FCC, is certified as a Professional Broadcast Engineer and Broadcast Network Technologist by the Society of Broadcast Engineers and Master Engineer by the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics.

David Sourdis

David Sourdis, MSEE-RF, BSCE | Technical Services Manager


David has ample international experience, having worked on telecommunications projects in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama and Guatemala, mainly in the microwave field and also as a Civil Engineer.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Colombia and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with RF concentration from the University of Texas, Dallas. With more than forty years of experience on antenna design, modeling, building and installation, David analyzes structures for detuning to protect AM stations’ radiation patterns, antenna systems and accessory devices design.

He is an avid ham radio contest operator on Morse code (CW) and SSB as well, holding Extra Class ham radio callsigns from three countries: HK1A, K1KK and EC5KXA.

Chris Horne

Chris K. Horne, PhD, PE | Chief Technical Consultant


Chris provides business and engineering expertise to sales/proposal initiatives in the wireless and international communications industries. Chris collaborates with customers to implement wireless network solutions. He leads all technical activities at LBA in DAS and small cell design and integration, MW engineering, FCC compliance and RF Risk Management. Chris has held several management positions in the wireless industry where he has been responsible for network and equipment design, tower deployment and spectrum coordination.

Chris is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Minnesota, an adjunct teaching instructor, a member of the IEEE, Radio Club of America and the AFCCE.

Chris holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering and Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University. His personal interests include business-driven technology, wireless sensor networks and unification of light and microwave electromagnetic phenomena.




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LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.