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The US Navy counts on the accuracy and dependability of Schomandl frequency synthesizers from LBA to support advanced weapons research, testing and development.

The Navy is increasing its deployment of these instruments. LBA has just shipped the first installment of a significant Navy purchase of ND-500D and ND-1000D frequency synthesizers. These will be used at the Naval Air War Center Weapons Division in China Lake, CA.


The MSK-200 TV Analyzer introduced to Reps in Miami

September 14, 2010, No comments

Broadcast Depot, Ecuatronix, and 305 Broadcast had a greatly received the presentation of the MSK-200 TV Analyzer by John George and Javier Castillo d ...


Sprint Nextel had plenty of helpers in successful BAS transition project

July 23, 2010, No comments

It took five years and $750 million, but Sprint Nextel has successfully bumped the broadcast auxiliary services (BAS) of more than 1,000 TV stations o ...


Free mobile digital TV hits the road in D.C.

July 6, 2010, No comments

Free mobile digital TV is coming to a device near you sooner than you might have expected. Free mobile digital TV test broadcasts in Washington, DC, t ...

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    Most busy TV engineers wouldn’t cobble together their own multiple-function TV Test Instruments from add-ons and options unless they found themselves in a technological vacuum. Thanks to Kathrein-Schomandl, no such […]