New Colocation System Patented

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September 7, 2001 (Greenville, NC) – LBA Group, Inc. has been granted a patent for its CoLoPoleTM wireless antenna colocation system. The CoLoPoleTM system permits trouble-free wireless antenna colocation on AM broadcast antenna towers.

LBA’s CoLoPoleTM colocation system helps resolve the critical requirement for wireless antenna space by helping to make thousands of AM broadcast towers available for industry use. AM towers are frequently in highly desirable locations, and are often easier to zone than new towers. Before the advent of the LBA CoLoPoleTM system, the installation of wireless antennas on AM towers was often complex and unreliable because AM towers are “hot” with RF energy.

With the CoLoPoleTM colocation system is installed, wireless antenna and coaxial cable installations have virtually no effect on the host AM tower, and the AM signal has no effect on the wireless antenna installation. LBA’s CoLoPoleTM is suitable for 3G, PCS, cellular, ESMR, fixed wireless and all other communications services. It permits the isolation of unlimited antennas and lines, at any power or frequency, with no added loss or VSWR problems. The CoLoPoleTM colocation system incorporates the AM performance properties of LBA’s folded unipole technology proven in use at hundreds of AM radio stations worldwide.

Complete design and turnkey construction services to implement CoLoPoleTM colocation systems are available from Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. which has 38 years of experience in providing RF solutions for the wireless and broadcasting industries. Lawrence Behr Associates is a unit of the LBA Group of Greenville, North Carolina.

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