PLP-22 lightning mast protecting a water pump installation
April 24, 2014, No comments

Lightning masts are an effective way to protect a wide variety of fixed and portable installations from lightning damage. They are different from structure mounted forms of lightning protection, often […]

Crossett wellhead protected by LBA Technology PLP-22 lightning mast

How Arkansas Water System Ended Costly Lightning Damage

March 20, 2013, No comments

No matter how advanced technology becomes the forces of nature remain the same. The Crossett Water Commission knows this all too well.  The Commissio ...


How to Select Lightning Dissipation Systems for Towers and Antennas

July 25, 2012, 12 Comments

LBA Static Dissipation Systems are designed to prevent lightning strikes to your tower and antennas.  These systems have been around for many years i ...


Kapow! Might Be Time To Think About A Lightning Mast System

May 21, 2012, No comments

When lightning flashes around your open air activity, you should worry. Unprotected facilities in open areas indeed are vulnerable. The new PLP-30 lig ...

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    Fried Isocoupler? The AM CoLoCoil® Solution.
    February 6, 2012, 1 Comment

    A Verizon technical manager, just learning about the CoLoCoil®, recently inquired “How well does the product hold up to lightning strikes? I’ve had to change melted isocouplers quite a few […]