A Good Match: JAMPRO and ADBL

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Some weddings make you wince. What does she see in him!

Not so the merger this week of JAMPRO Antennas Inc. and the Alan Dick Broadcast (ADBL) Division of ADC UK Ltd. It is a wedding of talent and professionalism and holds the promise of producing many good engineering solutions under the Jampro name.

Alex Perchevitch

California-based Jampro is the oldest broadcast antenna company in North America. ADBL is one of the oldest European companies dealing in broadcast antennas, combiners/filters and broadcast infrastructure services. Theirs is a union of expertise that bodes well for broadcast customers around the world.

Neither party is a stranger to LBA Group. We have worked closely with each for many years involving medium wave system projects from the U.S. to the Middle East. We know them to be trustworthy partners in technical consulting projects and have enjoyed our professional relationship with each.

“It couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple of companies,” Jerry Brown, LBA president, said of the acquisition of ADBL by Jampro. “Seriously, we admire the work ethic and professional conduct of each firm. We have enjoyed working with them in the past, currently are working with them, and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Founded in 1954, Jampro was an early and key player in the emergence of digital TV. It is one of the largest international suppliers of radio and TV antennas and associated radio frequency (RF) equipment, transmission line and components. ADBL is headquartered in Cheltenham in the United Kingdom and has served as a major provider of communications infrastructures in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for more than three decades.


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